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These are some quotes/saying/mannerisms i have aquired from various places/things/people.
I will label them as much as i can.

-Created by me

-Popular curse word in Firefly/Serenity

-Popular laugh of Master Chief in Digital Ph33r's machinima "Arby 'n' the Chief"

-Standard word of greeting/description/complaint/attention-getter in Southern California

"They don't call me 'Karnage' for nothin'."
-Created by me, said whenever something is achived/gained, or a kill is made

-Created by me, an excuse for anything physics-related

"Ah-Ha, Ah-Ha, Ah-Ha, Ah, stfu."
-Created by me, usualy said after a derogitory joke/maxim

"I can make that a reality for you."
-Created by me, usualy said after someone expreses a sarcastic wish