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Halo, call of duty, and legend of zelda are my top 3.


Nintendo power and gameinformer.

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Me and A couple a couple of friends were playing valhalla 2-on-2, and I had gotten a banshee. My partner was nowhere to found, and the enemy, a moderate player and a noob at halo, where by a grav lift. I go in, thinking For an easy kill, when he gets in the grav life, and I have no Idea what he is doing, as he is not close enough to hijack me. This was back before I knew about power drains as I was sort of inbetween their skill levels, and All of a sudden he throws something glowing at me, I thought it was a sticky grenade, and that he missed, until I drop threw the air like a stone. I have no idea whats happening, and I barley do anything except mash the buttons to fix the "gltich" and I was to preocupied to kill the noob after the modertae player hijacks me. It was a one-in a million shot, and I have none to balme nut me. We still laugh aboutit today.A little while afterwards, a warith shot comes out of nowhere and destroys the banshee. So thats where my partner was.

Anything else

If anyone wants to ghosthunt with me, my gamertag is at the top of the page. You know, as in the ghost of halo.

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