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IRC Quotes

Singular Quotes

"Even people with Recon can be trash talking, xenophobic retards."
— Halo-343

"I just forget you're a girl General, you have a masculine writing style."
— Fluffy83

"Karl, go eat your English fish and chips wrapped in pages of Harry Potter"
— Halo-343, angrily rebuking Forerunner's British ways

"*Gasp* You spelled god with a capital letter! That's a bad, bad Atheist!"
Kougermasters scolding Halo-343

"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue: In Soviet Russia, Poem writes You!"
— Forerunner

"Spam, Double Spam, Triple Spam, Overspam, Spamtacular, Spamocity, Spamamanjaro, Spamtastrophe, Spamacolypse, Spamionaire! Spamming Spree, Spamming Frenzy, Spamming Riot, Spampage, Unspammable, Spamvincible! All Spam Spree Medals EARNED!"
— Tyler

"*VideoGameChick sits on the floor, rocks herself back and forth whispering "duckies duckies duckies"*"

Full Quotes

Name Changing

=-= {Smoke} is now known as {Fire}

<Halo-343> Where there's Smoke there's Fire!

<Snipes450> :O

<Snipes450> i was gonna say that

<Spamhammer> :D

=-= Nicmavr is now known as {Water}

=-= Spamhammer is now known as Jello

<Halo-343> I don't get it.

=-= Snipes450 is now known as {Earth}

<{Water}> Water gunnuh put teh fire otu!

=-= Halo-343 is now known as Fridge_Magnet

=-= oed706 is now known as {Awesome}

<{Water}> Halo-343: We're joking around

=-= {Water} is now known as Ascy_Vamal

<Fridge_Magnet> As am I

  • {Awesome} beats fire

=-= Jello is now known as Rockpaperscissor

<{Earth}> {Awesome}: ur not a element

  • {Earth} quakes and kills {Awesome}

<{Fire}> lulz

=-= {Awesome} is now known as oed706

=-= Fridge_Magnet is now known as Buttered_Toast

  • {Fire} flares up and roasts {Awesome}
  • Buttered_Toast gets eaten by a passer by

<Rockpaperscissor> mmmmm......toast......

=-= {Earth} is now known as Nukeshoecockroac

<Nukeshoecockroac> whoever gets this ref gets 100000000000000000 points

=-= Buttered_Toast is now known as Nuke_the_Hippies

<oed706> who like my video? if you didn't see it heres the link

<Nukeshoecockroac> no? fine its from that 70s show

<Rockpaperscissor> Fez, and Hyde

<Rockpaperscissor> ?

<Rockpaperscissor> Now gimme my points.

<Nukeshoecockroac> Rockpaerscissor: YES, you win 100000000000000000000 points

<Rockpaperscissor> Is it sad that i know that?

<--| Nukeshoecockroac has left #halopedia ("im taking my points with me, no you dun have any")

=-= Rockpaperscissor is now known as Spamhammer

=-= {Fire} is now known as {Ice}

=-= {Ice} is now known as {Smoke}

=-= Nuke_the_Hippies is now known as Halo-343

Perfect Timing

<oed706> 343 is mental

<Halo-343> I know right

<oed706> brb

<oed706> still here

<-- oed706 has left ("CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)")

<Halo-343> No you're not.

<Nicmavr> lawl

<Spamhammer> lol

Tony's Watching

Kouger> VERY colorful HotM:

<Kouger> (Look at the comments)

<Halo-343> K

<Halo-343> Lol, I'm very surprised Tony didn't delete all of that

<-- SPARTAN-984 has left freenode ("Java user signed off")

<Kouger> heh

<Halo-343> Spartan Down!

<Kouger> he's not as insane as everyone thinks he is

<Halo-343> Maybe, but take this somewhere else. He's in this channel.... watching.

<Kouger> I know.

<Kouger> Hi Tony!! :D

<Halo-343> I'm scared!

<Kouger> I'm not

<Halo-343> Neither am I. :)

<ashley> [citation needed]

<Kouger> lulz

Battle of Silence

Snore66 ( has joined #halopedia

<Halo-343> Hey Snore

<CF001> bbl

<-- CF001 has left freenode ("Java user signed off")

<Snore66> hey.

<Halo-343> :D

<Kouger> ...

<Snore66> ...

<Halo-343> ........

<{Smoke}> period (full stop) multiplied by 20.

<Kouger> Dot.

<Kouger> Dot.

<Kouger> Dot.

<Nicmavr> Looks like you just broke the pattern

<Halo-343> You just started a pause war!

<Halo-343> .......

  • Kouger glares at Halo-343.

<{Smoke}> awkward silence

  • Halo-343 continues to pause

<{Smoke}> ...

<-- SPARTAN-984 has left freenode ("Getting off...")

<Kouger> Look!

<Kouger> Look what you did!

<{Smoke}> THE GAME

<Kouger> Shame, shame on you!

<Halo-343> ......... (times infinity billion!) I win!

<Kouger> You KILLED SPARTAN-984 with your idiocity!

<Kouger> SHAME!

<{Smoke}> idiocity lulz

  • Kouger shoves The Game up Smoke's @$$

<-- Snore66 has left freenode ("UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!1")


We'll Tell You When You're Older

<Halo-343> Yea, I found the Covenant side to the story pretty interesting

<LO|Away> The thought of San 'Shyuum sex is kinda disturbing though...

<ElectricSquid> That's what I liked about Halo 2

<ElectricSquid> wait, whaaaaaaa?

<Halo-343> lol

Return of the Silence

<Namelesswonder> …

<Halo-343> ...

<{Smoke}> ...

<Halo-343> ..........................

<Namelesswonder> DotDotDot

<Halo-343> ...............(Times infinity billion)

<ashley> your mom

<Halo-343> Shhh! .....

* {Smoke} is away: work

=-= {Smoke} is now known as Smoke|NotHere

<Nicmavr> ohai ashley

<Halo-343> Settle down Nic. ........................

<ashley> rar

* Halo-343 is getting angry with the silence breaking

<Halo-343> ...

* Namelesswonder silence...silence...silence...(echo)


Halo-343> It's quiet.... too quiet.

<Solipsil> <<LINK CENSORED>> - Bring Victory!

<Halo-343> Subtank!!!!

<Solipsil> You clicked it?

<Halo-343> Yes, how could I have known?!!

* Nicmavr|Away struggles not to laugh... :P

<Solipsil> Now the channel is not to quiet. :P

* Halo-343 is desperately trying to shut it down

<Solipsil> Quite easy actually.

<ashley> lulz

<Nicmavr|Away> rar ashley

<ashley> rar Nic

<Nicmavr|Away> Halo-343: Just keep clicking ok on it

<Nicmavr|Away> Eventually, it'll close

<Halo-343> That's it?

<ashley> In Soviet Russia, OK clicks YOU!!

<Solipsil> Put your cursor on the left of the Ok Button.

<Solipsil> And keep on clicking it.

* Nicmavr|Away notes that the developers bite you in Soviet Russia

<Halo-343> Okay....

<Halo-343> Phew, thank you. Now never do that again :P

<Solipsil> :P

<Nicmavr|Away> XD

She's a He!

<VideoGameChick> guess what everyone

<Halo-343|Awayz> What?

<Gaijinsamurai> You're a "VideoGameDude"?

<Halo-343|Awayz> XD

<VideoGameChick> if that were the case, we'd have a problem

<VideoGameChick> =P

=-= Ghost_sangheili is now known as VideoGameDude

<VideoGameDude> its registered

<VideoGameDude> ghey

=-= VideoGameDude is now known as Ghost_sangheili

<{Smoke}> lmao

<Ascy_Vamal> lol

Kouger's Patriotism

<Spamhammer> Katzen: Officially, though unannounced Canada is part of the USA. you're like our younger brother, that still hides from the monkey in the closet.

<Katzen> :(

<Katzen> Canada is NOT part of the USA

<Katzen> and NEVER will be

<{Smoke}> lulz

<Katzen> so STFU

<Katzen> or ill kill u

<Katzen> violently

<Halo-343> XD

Old Tensions Arise

<Halo-343|Awayz> Well, it's wrong

<Halo-343|Awayz> I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be aggressive. Please forgive me.... or DIE!

-->| SPARTAN-077 (n=d07b32fb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #halopedia

* Karl_Ludwig knows irish luck and so knows that a muder attempt would end up as a suicide ;)

* Spamhammer chooses death.

* Karl_Ludwig chooses Cake

<Spamhammer> Halo-343's death that is.

<Karl_Ludwig> Black Forest Gateau, that is

<Halo-343|Awayz> Karl, go eat your English fish and chips wrapped in pages of Harry Potter

<Karl_Ludwig> Halo-343|Awayz: go eat poisoned Potatoes ;)

<Spamhammer> Ahhhh the dulcet tones of Irish-English international relations.

=-= YOU are now known as Halo-343

<Karl_Ludwig> "National relations" if I have my way ;)

<Halo-343> Oh, that's it

* Halo-343 starts a rebellion in the North

<Spamhammer> Karl_Ludwig; You're gonna get the IRA on the board spamming us.

* Karl_Ludwig ends the rebellion by sending a single untrained man with a musket

<Spamhammer> Karl: It's the Irish not the French.

<Karl_Ludwig> LOL

<Spamhammer> You're better off with some Guiness and Whiskey.

* Halo-343 smothers Karl in fish and chips, drowns him in his own tea and throws him off Buckingham Palace

-->| APSsays (n=45eb91a2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #halopedia

* Halo-343 proceeds to destroy the Palace

* Karl_Ludwig throws Halo-343 directly in the path of the IRA bombings of Manchester... happy to see the irony if his fate <Karl_Ludwig> *of

<Karl_Ludwig> Halo-343: she's irish, you know ;)

<Halo-343> That was distasteful, the bombing line

<Halo-343> And who's Irish?

<Lord_Bucket> Who cares

<Lord_Bucket> xD

* Karl_Ludwig ends the fight by sending a still alive Halo-343 back in time coicinciding with a Viking invasion

<Spamhammer> Being Irish is better than being Canadian sheesh!

<Halo-343> Don't let Kouger hear that

<Karl_Ludwig> lol

Don't Mess With Smoke.

Halo-343> MI6, always snooping around in places they're not wanted

<ShadowBroker44> the gun, not the british intelligence service

* Spamhammer unlocks armory and hands out various large caliber weapons to Halopedians.

<Halo-343> ShadowBroker44: Yea, the gun too :P

<ShadowBroker44> touche

<{Smoke}> Rifles can snoop around?

<Halo-343> They can now

<Spamhammer> brb

<{Smoke}> k

<{Smoke}> O_o

<ShadowBroker44> rifles have subtlety

<Halo-343> Except when they fire

* ShadowBroker44 SubtleRifle

=-= ShadowBroker44 is now known as SubtleRifle

<{Smoke}> I don't know, if I walk outside with my rifle, I'm pretty sure I'm going to catch some unwanted attention

<{Smoke}> Cops

<SubtleRifle> thats whats the rifle is for

<Halo-343> Just like how Bungie did

<SubtleRifle> except theres didnt work

<Halo-343> Yep

<SubtleRifle> and his does

* Halo-343 is scared of Smoke now

<SubtleRifle> aren't we all?

<Halo-343> Shhh! He'll shoot you

<SubtleRifle> smoke would be a worthy addition to the cabal

* {Smoke} readies a KABAR

<-- SubtleRifle has left freenode (Excess Flood)

<{Smoke}> Wow.

<Nicmavr> ...

<Halo-343> You killed him!

-->| SubtleRifle ( has joined #halopedia

<Halo-343> Oh, wait

More Murder

General57> i spent 2 minutes setting that up!

<Halo-343> XD

<Cat|Away> lol

<General57> how dare you!

<Halo-343> I smite you!

* Cat|Away pokes Nicmavr

<General57> i shall hunt you until the end of eternity!

<Cat|Away> we haz a problem

* Nicmavr pokes Cat|Away

<Cat|Away> OUCH!!!

* General57 yells a war cry and charges with a spear

<Cat|Away> ouch! ouch ouch ouch!

<Halo-343> Problem? Noez!

<Cat|Away> Why did you do that, Nicmavr!?

<Cat|Away> Why?

<Cat|Away> Ouch!

* General57 stabs Cat

<Nicmavr> lolol

<Cat|Away> It hurts@

<Cat|Away> Thats better

* General57 stabs again where the sun don't shine :P

<Cat|Away> being stabbed sure diverts one's attention from a poke, thats for sure

* Cat|Away cuts General57 in half.

* Halo-343 is watching the violence gleefully

* Cat|Away throws a spear through Halo-343 's head

<ShadowBroker44> ouch

<Cat|Away> You're not gleeful now, bitch.

<Cat|Away> ;)

* General57 stabs again

* ShadowBroker44 stabs Cat


* Halo-343 cannot watch anymore, because he is dead


* Cat|Away dies.

* General57 screams in pain as she registers she was cut in half


<General57> slow reaction time ;)

* Cat|Away respawns and shoves a wooden pole up thru ShadowBroker44

<Cat|Away> if you know what I mean

<General57> ...

<Cat|Away> ancient roman torture methods

<Cat|Away> FTW

<General57> wood rape?

<ShadowBroker44> wood doesnt affect me

* Cat|Away puts General57 in the bronze bull

<General57> ...

<Halo-343> K?

* Cat|Away ties ShadowBroker44 to a wheel and rolls it down a hill

<ShadowBroker44> inquisition!

<General57> >:O

<ShadowBroker44> Yipeeee!!!!

* Cat|Away shoots Halo-343 in the head.

* Halo-343 dies again

* ShadowBroker44 shoots cat

* General57 rips out of the bull and stuffs cat in it with a dog

* Cat|Away watches as ShadowBroker44 's body is ruthlessly crushed by the wheel

<ShadowBroker44> i bought life insurance :P

<Halo-343> XD

* Cat|Away jumps out of the hole that General57 made

<General57> XD

* General57 stuffs cat back in and nails a metal door over it

<General57> hah

* Cat|Away dies

* Cat|Away respawns

* Halo-343 rips out Cat|Away's skull and beats him to death with it

* Cat|Away dies

<General57> lolz

* Cat|Away respawns

* Halo-343 reminds him that is not physically possible

* Cat|Away kills Halo-343 with a gigantic statue of george Washington

* General57 cuts off one of cats ears

* ShadowBroker44 shoots cat with a silver bullet

* General57 pokes Halo-343 with the ear

* Cat|Away ears General57's head

<General57> ?

<ShadowBroker44> stick that in ur juice box and suck it

<General57> lol

* Halo-343 runs General over with a steamroller

* General57 stuffs cat's ear down Halo-343's throat

* General57 watches in satisfaction as he chokes to death

<Cat|Away> grrr

<Cat|Away> whenever i close the fridge

<Cat|Away> the freezer opens

* Halo-343 regurgitates the ear and beats General with it

<Cat|Away> and whenever i close the freezer

<Cat|Away> the fridge opens

* General57 cuts the ear in pieces

* ShadowBroker44 stabs himself

* Halo-343 beats Cat to death with his fridge

<ShadowBroker44> repeatedly

<Halopediaman> I'm Jessie Ventura, and the big brother is watching. You should arm yourselves, and attack your local government office becuase I'm paranoid.

=-= Halopediaman is now known as Tom|Away

* Cat|Away pushes the fridge, which falls on top of and crushes ShadowBroker44 Halo-343 and General57

* General57 takes out an AK-47 and shoots everyone

<General57> Die die die

<Cat|Away> you're dead

<Cat|Away> stfu

<ShadowBroker44> i can haz recon!

<Cat|Away> No...

* Halo-343 calls in a nuclear strike

<Cat|Away> no you cannot

<Cat|Away> UR ALL DAED

<Cat|Away> STFU

<Halo-343> I haz Recon

* General57 turns into a ghost

<Cat|Away> lol

<Cat|Away> Halo-343 got Recon the non-pussy way

<Halo-343> Yay me!

=-= Cat|Away is now known as Cat

<Cat> I'm too lazy to get it the pussy way

=-= General57 is now known as Ghostly_General

* ShadowBroker44 likes beef

* Cat yawns

* Ghostly_General stabs everyone with a ghostly dagger

-->| Kelly (freelancer19@Kelly.BirdNet.User) has joined #halopedia

<Kelly> Halo-343 must perish!! muahahaha

<Cat> gtfo

<--| Kelly has left #halopedia

<ShadowBroker44> thank god

<GIR> ShadowBroker44: my pleasure

<Cat> stupid bot

<Cat> has a mind of its own

<Cat> lmao

* Ghostly_General floats toward Halo-343

* Halo-343 wards her off with a cross

* Cat uses a vacuum to suck up Ghostly_General

<Ghostly_General> dangit

<Ghostly_General> ill kill you later

<Ghostly_General> im busy

<Cat> lol

Chuck Norris

<LO|away> "everytime somebody dosent enjoy this video, chuck norris dropkicks a baby kitten in the face"

<LO|away> Haha

<Halo-343> Lol

<Kouger> chuck norris sucks

* Kouger looks around nervously.

<ShadowBroker44> bye bye

<Kouger> See? He didn't get me! I'm perfectly s---

<--| Kouger has left #halopedia ("AAAAAAAAAAAARGH")

-->| Kouger ( has joined #halopedia

<ShadowBroker44> this reminds of the time when i messed with smoek

<--| stew has left #halopedia

=-= Mode #halopedia +v Kouger by {Smoke}

<ShadowBroker44> *somke

<ShadowBroker44> **smoke

<Kouger> ohai

Decision Making

<Halo-343> I'm bored..... Entertain me!

<Halo-343> :P

<Shuttle> How!? :S

<Halo-343> I'm kidding

<Shuttle> I know :P

<Halo-343> But not about the bored thing....

<Halo-343> I'm conflicted between watching the season finale of House, or Star Trek

<Halo-343> The movie that is

<Halo-343> I would flip a coin, but I have no money...

<Halo-343> Maybe if the coin was imaginary....

<Halo-343> I've got it!

<Halo-343> Fire!

<Shuttle> I'd say Star Trek

<Halo-343> Yea, but I can tell that you either never seen House, or don't like it

<Halo-343> *You've

<Shuttle> I haven't seen either

<Halo-343> lol

G.I. Joe

<Halo-343> Now you know!

<Halo-343> And knowing is half the battle!

<Halo-343> G.I. Joe!

<Jug6ernaut> whats the other half?

<Tyler|> Action...

<Halo-343> Meh, kicking them in the groin

Shakespeare Interrupting

<Halo-343> ....

<Halo-343> Nicmavr, Nicmavr, where art thou Nicmavr?

<Nicmavr> On teh fone! >:(

<Halo-343> Lol, sorry

The Life of the Party

<--| Lord_Kouger has left #halopedia ("THE FLYIN KITTEHZ GOT MEH!")

<Halo-343> May he rest in peace...

<General57> Never!

<General57> LETS parteh!

<Halo-343> Yay!

* Halo-343 starts a party

* General57 starts drinking champagne

<General57> heavily

<Halo-343> lol

* General57 gets drunk

<General57> hai thar mah fwiends...

<Ghost_sangheili> General57: no being jailbait

* Halo-343 kicks her out, as she is drunk

<General57> how bot some shots?

<General57> lol

<Halo-343> lol

A Lesson In Life

Note: the Spammer's actual nickname has been redacted.

<Spammer> Anyway, if you have any further questions, please form an orderly line as I can't respond to everyone at once.

* Cheifschick rolls eyes.

<VideoGameChick> do u have any fun ?

<Halo-343> Get a job

<Tyler|> lol

<VideoGameChick> like. do u ever get out and go play put put golf

<Halo-343> lol

<Cheifschick> lol

<Cheifschick> VGC

<VideoGameChick> sounds to me like u need a day in the sun pal

<Cheifschick> that was priceless!

<VideoGameChick> lol

The Anti-Jar Jar Binks League

Fixer40> He and his younger brother watch star wars and their favorite character is (get ready to hurl and cough):

<Fixer40> Jar, Jar, Binks.

<Halo-343> >:(

<Snipes450> NO

<Halo-343> Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

<Fixer40> because they

<Snipes450> jeez

<Fixer40> "Think he's funny"

<[Smoke]> veryangryface

<Halo-343> Sweet Jesus...

Gender Confusion

<Snipes450> FIELDS72: there is actually a few girls on #halopedia

<KizoriKitagawa> Yep

<FIELDS72> take a chill pill

* Syd_Barrett raises her hand.

<FIELDS72> shit

* Snipes450 looks at Subtank

* Syd_Barrett looks at Subtank

<Halo-343> Syd_Barrett: orly?

<LO|away> People making babies so young these days

<Snipes450> Syd_Barrett: copier :P

<KizoriKitagawa> ChanServ, Subtank, ashley, charitwo, Fluffy83, Halo-343, Mary-Kate, Stephen-, Syd_Barrett, and unilinky.

<Stephen-> orly

<KizoriKitagawa> All girls.

<Fluffy83> WUT?

<Syd_Barrett> YARLY

<Fluffy83> not a girl

<FIELDS72> most 15 year olds are getting nocked up these days

<charitwo> no

<Halo-343> I'm a DUDE!

<ashley> heh

<Syd_Barrett> I'm not.

<Syd_Barrett> :P

<Snipes450> KizoriKitagawa: rofl

<FIELDS72> homo

<Fluffy83> I am quite the man

<KizoriKitagawa> No, your a Woman, Syd. ;)

<Syd_Barrett> Indeedy! *Dances*

<ashley> *you're <FIELDS72> biznoch

<Fluffy83> *your mother

<KizoriKitagawa> [14:22] <FIELDS72> homo

<KizoriKitagawa> [14:22] <Fluffy83> I am quite the man

<KizoriKitagawa> Quite the irony...

Half-Life Homages

<Forever_Autumn> [Lambda]: You left this at Black Mesa...

<Cheifschick> have you guys seen the shoplifting bird video?

* Forever_Autumn throws [Lambda] a Crowbar

<Syd_Barrett> Was, [Lambda].

=-= Syd_Barrett is now known as Beth_Freeman

<Forever_Autumn> Gah!

* Beth_Freeman crowbars Forever_Autumn

<Cheifschick> lol

* Forever_Autumn runs about like a crazed grunt...

<-- Ajax_013 has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

* Forever_Autumn sticks Beth_Freeman

* Forever_Autumn runs into cover

--> Ajax_013 ( has joined #halopedia

<[Lambda]> Lol, Beth_Freeman

* Beth_Freeman explodes, and survives.

=-= Forever_Autumn is now known as Gavin_Cross

=-= [Lambda] now known as Aaron_Breen

* Gavin_Cross takes the crowbar from the Lift Shaft

<-- BeZerk has left freenode (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)

<-- mohammed1 has left freenode (Quit: CGI:IRC)

* Aaron_Breen establishes an alien dysotopia with himself as supreme ruler

* Beth_Freeman is taken by a mystrious man

* Aaron_Breen hints in a monologue that he knows this man

* Beth_Freeman makes Breen go explody.

* Gavin_Cross causes another Resonance Cascade... Then gets cught in a Harmonic Reflux...

--> BeZerk (~MrEd@about/apple/iPod/BeZerk) has joined #halopedia

* Aaron_Breen 's death is never explicitly seen, leading Beth_Freeman to suspect that he is alive in another body, supported by a previous conversation

* Beth_Freeman drives around the countryside with a possible love intrest.

* Gavin_Cross doesn't know where the hell he is?

* Aaron_Breen conspires with psychic alien maggots that can fly

* Gavin_Cross hopes he managed to escape the Nuclear blast at the Black Mesa Research Facility

* Beth_Freeman meets Alien Maggot in a barn, and nearly dies.

=-= Aaron_Breen is now known as Aaron_Shepherd

=-= Gavin_Cross is now known as Colin_Green

<SocPuppet> Title: Brainz r nomz. (at

* Aaron_Shepherd is put into stasis by a "G-Man" at the end of his adventure, due to a third party's lack of imagination, opting to mimic the full game's ending

* Colin_Green dies on Xen...

* Aaron_Shepherd disarms a nuke

=-= Colin_Green is now known as The

=-= The is now known as G-Man

* G-Man rearms the Nuke

* Aaron_Shepherd is pissed, further more by the fact that G-Man kidnaps him

* G-Man Kidnaps Aaron_Shepherd

* G-Man meets Beth_Freeman

<G-Man> Time To Choose...

* Beth_Freeman runs into the portal

<G-Man> Verry Good! I will see you just up ahead...

=-= G-Man is now known as Forever_Autumn

=-= Aaron_Shepherd is now known as Eli_Vance

<Forever_Autumn> Well, It looks like we won't be working together... No Regrets...

* Eli_Vance is retconned into a full character

* Beth_Freeman watches Eli die by Combine Advisors

<-- Cheifschick has left freenode (Quit: If your not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space)

* Eli_Vance is killed by the Space Maggots

* Forever_Autumn gets shipped off to another game series

=-= Eli_Vance is now known as Halo-343

* Halo-343 is out of Half-Life homages

Ping Power

<Halo-343> ...

<Halo-343> [Smoke] Nicmavr Subtank ashley Aeolus Ajax_013 BeZerk charitwo Chris___ FalseProphet Glaug-Eldare goose joeyaa KB1JWQ LO|away Mary-Kate Pinky S-118 S-118|Away sekrit Snipes450 SocPuppet stephen- Syd_Barrett TrooperCooper unilinky VideoGameChick wimt

<Syd_Barrett> OW

<goose> fuck off

<[Smoke]> wha -

* Syd_Barrett murders Halo-343

<Nicmavr> lolpingz

<Halo-343> Lol, that livened things up

<goose> Halo-343:

<SocPuppet> Title: How To Commit Suicide (at

<VideoGameChick> goose shh

<VideoGameChick> no need for that

<Halo-343> See, I got things going again :)

<-- KB1JWQ has left #halopedia ("I came, I saw, I /parted")

<Nicmavr> O_o

<-- goose has left #halopedia ("following suit. KB1JWQ++")

<Halo-343> ?

<Halo-343> Is it something I said?

<TrooperCooper> D:

<Syd_Barrett> YES>

* Nicmavr slaps Halo-343. *probably*

<Halo-343> Lol, good

Diet Advice

<VideoGameChick> LO buying shit for u guys is harder than buying shit 4 us

<roguesmiler> You don't need to buy shit for us guys.

<VideoGameChick> and besides, gifts arent always the best thing

<VideoGameChick> and another thing, when u eat a whole jar of pickles, u get bloated u can hardly see ur goddamn feet

<Halo-343> XD

<VideoGameChick> lol

<Halo-343> Where the hell did that come from?

<LO|away> I don't even like pickles

<VideoGameChick> its happened before x)

<VideoGameChick> and pickles are good

General Mother

NOTE: Halo-343 is [Lambda].

<General5_7> you are a disgrace to mothers everywhere!

=-= General5_7 is now known as UrMom

<[Lambda]> lol

<Snore66> .....

=-= UrMom is now known as Ur_Mom

<Ur_Mom> why are they all registered?

=-= Ur_Mom is now known as Ur__Mom

<Ur__Mom> there we go

<[Lambda]> lol

<Snore66> I wonder why...

<Ur__Mom> Halo 343, why arent you in bed??

<Ultra_Force> He doesn't want to sleep.

<Ur__Mom> ive told you a MILLION times to go

<[Lambda]> Ur___Mom: Because I'm Jesus

<Ur__Mom> now GO before i ground you

<[Lambda]> Ah, okay...

<Snore66> Oh I'm scared....

* [Lambda] slumps sadly off to bed

* Ur__Mom smacks Snore with a cane

* Ur__Mom looks at Lambdas computer

<Ur__Mom> GASP

<Ur__Mom> what are you looking at??

<[Lambda]> The IRC

* Ur__Mom reads the websiter URL

<[Lambda]> It's an IRC

<Ur__Mom> www...


* Snore66 quietly locks his door and play video games in his room with his light turned off.

<Ur__Mom> wtf?

<[Lambda]> XD


<Snore66> XD

* Ur__Mom begins crying

<Ur__Mom> WHY

<[Smoke]> O_o


<Ur__Mom> i even had a girl picked out for you!

<Ultra_Force> lolz

<Snore66> :)

<[Lambda]> Ur___Mom: Are you high?

<Ur__Mom> no!

* Ur__Mom hides a needle

<[Lambda]> lol

* Snore66 continues playing video games.

<Ur__Mom> of course not!

<Ur__Mom> i have to be a good example

<Ur__Mom> now STOP BEING GAY

<[Lambda]> Ur__Mom: No u

* Ur__Mom begins smacking Lambda

<Snore66> XD

<Ur__Mom> I'm making sure that all of your friends are girls

<Ur__Mom> no more guyfriends!

<Ur__Mom> now i know what you do with them at night...

<[Lambda]> This is just getting weirder and weirder

<Ur__Mom> lol

<[Lambda]> Ur__Mom: Go back to Germania you Nazi!!

* Ur__Mom takes a swig of beer