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I haven't been away that long. Just... 165 unanswered questions. JC...

[b]Yes, old buddy, old pal, old fruitcake o' mine?[/b]

Hand me some of the fruity stuff. I'm going to need to be really delusional to take this on.

[quote="Question #1"]Sonic: What is the strangest thing you've ever seen?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]jcfreak eating fruitcake. ...It's not natural, man. It's like he's devouring the soul of the fruitcake first before he eats it.[/color]

[quote="Question #2"]Sally: What is your favorite type of flower? I'll be putting it on your grave...[/quote]

[color=#BF8000]Mobesia marvelosa marigoldias... And when you actually managed to find them, then I'll keel over and die. Smarts. ...You have some already, don't you?[/color]

No, but Amy does.


[quote="Question #3"]Sonic: Do you think Tails has confidence problems?[/quote]

[color=#FF8000]*Hiding behind bush.*[/color]

[color=#0000FF]What do you think?[/color]

[quote="Question #4"]Tails: Do you thing Knuckles needs to play Sonic Adventure more often? Specifically, the Sound Test?[/quote]

[color=#FF8000]No. The first thing he'd see is Sonic's theme.[/color]

[quote="Question #5"]FFF: Have you seen the Sonic Paradox thing in which Chaos turned up for the Villain Role Call? If not, his answer was: BWARGALARGAW! Or something like that.[/quote]


[quote="Question #6"]For Fairfieldfinder: OMEGA: I saw you window shopping on wall street.[/quote]

[color=#FF0000][b]I WAS... ERR... SHOPPING FOR A NEW PLASMA CANNON![/b][/color]

[color=#00BF00]On Wall Street?[/color]


[color=#00BF00]Oh... I've been so looking forward to a new C497 processor.[/color]


[quote="Question #7"]Blaze: Have you ever gotten brain freeze from an Icee?[/quote]

[color=#8080FF]No. They tend to melt in my hands before I can drink them. Red ones make it look like I've just been out on a killing spree.[/color]

[color=#FF0000][b]CARE FOR A STRAWBERRY ICEE?[/b][/color]

[quote="Question #8"]Flyin' Frog: What do you do when you eat out?[/quote]

[color=#80BF00]Order food. Use a fork. Eat a piano with the fork.[/color]

[quote="Question #9"]Bean: Want some silver? .... I warn you it [b]tarnishes![/b][/quote]

[color=#00BF00]No thanks. Got some already in my footsy coverings drawer.[/color]

[color=#00FFBF]HeLp Me... ThE sOcKs! THE SMEELL!!!![/color]

[quote="Question #10"]Sonic: Your uncle Chuck's restaurant doesn't meet FDA standards.[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]Yeah it does! F stands for flavour, D stands for delicious and A stands for, "Anyone tries to take away my chili dogs, they're gonna regret it!"[/color]

[quote="Question #11"]To Bean: Do you know what a "potto" is? Apparently, Ian's going by that name.[/quote]

[color=#00BF00]Potto potto potto potto potto potto potto potto potto! Oo hoo! Oo hoo! Potto potto potto potto potto potto potto potto potto! Oo hoo! Oo hoo![/color]

[url=]For those that don't get the reference.[/url]

[quote="Question #12"]To Sonic: How did you get to be so awesome? Tell me how to be awesome! :D [/quote]

[color=#0000FF]Simple. Be me.[/color]

[color=#FF0000]And people say I'm a narcissist. The rodent's more in love with his own face than I am.[/color]

And not even a blinded mother could love that face.

[quote="Question #13"]And to anyone who gets this: WHY ISN'T ANYONE READING MY FAN FIC?! What if they don't like it? [size=150]I'm scared![/size][/quote]

We all are, we all are...

[quote="Question #14"]Rouge: Have you ever been caught in the Louvre? *looks meaningfully*[/quote]

Family friendly forum, Fairfield, FAMILY FRIENDLY FORUM!!!!!

[color=#FF00FF]Family friendly? That's a laugh. I've never heard so many F-words in my life. And honey, I don't get caught ANYWHERE.[/color]

[quote="Question #15"]Shadow: What brand is that motorcycle of yours anyway? Or at least tell me the engine statistics.[/quote]


[color=#FF40BF]Hope's the one that got it and the one that looks after it. This guy is no biker. He won't even pick up a wrench![/color]

[b]I'd get oil all over my fur! I'd look a mess.[/b]

[color=#FF40BF]How? You're black.[/color]


[quote="Question #16"]Omega: Here have a transistor... I warn you it builds up charges that can overload your mamma.[/quote]


...That was terrible. Even by my standards.

[color=#FF0000][b]SHUT UP, CRACKER!!![/b][/color]

[quote="Question #17"]Marine: .............[/quote]

[color=#FF8000]I take that as an insult, mate![/color]

He didn't say anything!

[color=#FF8000]And just how rippin' rude is that!??[/color]

[quote="Question #18"]Bivalve: Are you gonna get to the bigscreen? Don't let go of your dreams! I'd start by demanding more page time. A good way to influence the results would be to leave raw sea snails in Ian's drawer...[/quote]

[size=200][i][b][color=#FFBF00]I am within every page, mortal. You just don't look hard enough. FIND ME... PRAISE ME...[/color][/b][/i][/size]

[quote="Question #19"]Sonic: Have you ever tried tarragon in your chili dog?[/quote]

[color=#FF0000][b]Yes. After an unfortunate incident incident with Dulcy.[/b][/color]

[quote="Question #20"]Sally: I have a present for you... What? No! The Checkers auto parts bag has nothing to do with the nature of my gift! >.>[/quote]

[color=#BF8000]I'm still organic in the Q&A![/color]

Oh yeah... I'll fix that. *Zap.*


[quote="Question #21"]Cream: Where you going from here? [/quote]

[color=#BF8040]To your house, eating your candies.[/color]

[quote="Question #22"]Amy: Can I get a normal response from you on this one? How do you do?[/quote]


For her, that's normal. If you don't know that, you shouldn't be here.

[quote="Question #23"]Silver: What kind of dilemma do you think would NOT call for time travel as the solution?[/quote]

[color=#40FF80]Choosing between talking to you or fighting for the future. And figuring out how many licks it takes to get to the centre of a lollipop. That's unsolvable in any time frame.[/color]

[quote="Question #24"]Mogul: Do you like Hummus?[/quote]


He's done? How in the heck did two hours pass that quickly?


There we go.

[quote="Question #25"]Coconuts: So when are you going to be promoted from your job as a janitor/butler?[/quote]

[color=#BF0000]When Mogul can say it in words I understand.[/color]

[quote="Question #26"]Bean: This sentence is false.[/quote]


[quote="Question #27"]Dr. Nega: What would you think of a grand team-up with the Sonic X version of Dr. Eggman?[/quote]

[i][color=#FF0000]He's the only meat shield that can cover my grand physique. That's the only use I see for him.[/color][/i]

[quote="Question #28"]Dr. Nega: Do you know who El Gran Gordo is?[/quote]

[i][color=#FF0000]Of course. It's Danny DeVito.[/color][/i]

[quote="Question #29"] :twisted: Sonic, did you know that Amy promised not to stalk you for a year if you go on a date with her?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]She did?[/color]

[color=#FF80FF]I did, but it has to be a year-long date.[/color]

[quote="Question #30"]Zonic, do you know your Zones? If you do, answer this question:Who was ripped off in the creation of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy?[/quote]

[b][color=#0000FF]The readers.[/color][/b]

[quote="Question #31"]Dr. Eggman, from Sonic X, what do you think of Dr. Nega's answer to the possibility of you two teaming up?[/quote]

[color=#FF0000]I think he underestimates his own girth.[/color]

[quote="Question #32"]Also, El Gran Gordo, I know your secret identity. Want to play 'which character who does not know figures it out first'? My bet's on Zonic.[/quote]

[color=#FF8000][i]Si. The betting. Unfortunately, I have no pesos to add to the bet. But no version of the rodent would ever figure it out. No one knows that I am really... DANNY DEVITO-[/i][/color]

I knew it!


...I'm not even sure that's what happened in that movie.

[quote="Question #33"]Sonic, how do you like your eggs?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]I like to give my eggs little pieces of toast that look like moustaches, then I either scramble them into a mess, cook them on a hot pan (some times with evil), leave them in a pan of boiling hot water or crack them really hard. Guess it's force of habit.[/color]

[quote="Question #34"]Tails, what is your favorite food?[/quote]

[color=#FFBF00]Mint candy. It's official.[/color]

[quote="Question #35"]Sonic, do you know what's in chilli dogs?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]A gateway to tastebud paradise.[/color]

[quote="Question #36"][quote="Werekitty119"][quote="theJcfreak"]

[quote="Werekitty's 3rd Question"]Sonic, do you know what's in chilli dogs?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]Er... chili?[/color][/quote]

[color=#804000]But Sonic, did you know what chilli is made out of...?[/color][/quote][/quote]

[color=#0000FF]Tender loving care taken from the heart...[/color]

Actually, they just throw the whole heart in there, tender loving care and all.

[quote="Question #37"][color=#804000]Sonic, did you know I brought this thread back to life with diligent posting and commitment?[/color][/quote]

[quote="Question #38"]Lien-Da: Is your internal food processing unit efficient? Or do you still emit greenhouse gases?[/quote]

[color=#00BF00]Only after a curry and it is not pleasant.[/color]


[quote="Question #39"]Snively: Go crawl into a hole and die you backstabbing sycophantic vermin! You can come back out for Christmas.[/quote]

[color=#00BF00]It's March, so it's come and gone.[/color]

Or we could say until Christmas 2012.


[quote="Question #40"]Eggman: What brand are you glasses?[/quote]

[color=#FF0000]The latest from Evil Genius Gear (patent pending), the dictator spectator spectacles![/color]

[quote="Question #41"]Swatbot: Can I turn you into an handheld older OS emulator that I can run my atari games on?[/quote]


You guys suck.

[b]WE KNOW.[/b]

[quote="Question #42"]Tails: Sonic doesn't play freeze tag very well does he?[/quote]

[color=#FFBF00]No... That's why I made a freeze ray! It puts a whole new spin on the game![/color]

[color=#0000FF]Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-ou-u-u-u-u-u c-c-c-c-couldn-'-t-t-t-t-t-t-t j-j-j-just m-m-m-make p-p-p-paper air-air-airplanes l-l-l-l-ike oth-oth-th-ther k-k-k-k-kids![/color]

[quote="Question #43"]Snively: During your spare time while your uncle yells at you, what video games and/or TV to you particularly enjoy?[/quote]

[color=#00BF00]Surveillance footage of my uncle's first days of insanity. He ran around the base in a tutu with a box of ice cream looking for his love, a Spanish woman named Ella. He then jazzed up the tutu until he made himself look like a Mexican luchador.[/color]

[color=#FF0000]The next time I confront the rodent, he shall see that my sowing skills can never be put down![/color]

[quote="Question #44"]Tails: Can I haz cheeseburger?[/quote]


[quote="Question #45"]Classic Sonic: Hi. Do you not like your obsessive fan-base always clamoring for you to be brought back?[/quote]

He won't say anything bad about them. He's too well mannered.


[quote="Question #46"]Bean: Chimichangas.[/quote]

[color=#40BF00]Chiminey crickets that sweep chimneys before they chonga for their chimis! Otherwise known as florists![/color]

[quote="Question #47"]El Gran Gordo, you do know everyone knows your secret identity, right?[/quote]

[i][color=#FF8000]Sure they do...[/color][/i]


[quote="Question #48"]Zonic, do you know who El Gran Gordo is?[/quote]

[b][color=#0000FF]The Penguin, though I think my sources may be confused.[/color][/b]

[quote="Question #49"]Dr. Eggman (Sonic X), you you like to reveal to the multiverse who El Gran Gordo is? Not quite everyone knows yet.[/quote]

[i][color=#FF0000]IT'S THIS LUNATIC!!![/color][/i]


[quote="Question #50"]Shadow, is it true you like... *shudder*

[spoiler][size=50]Justin Beiber?[/size][/spoiler][/quote]

[b]CHAOS SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else mentions the name and I will smite you!![/b]

[color=#FF00FF]I won't mention the name. I'll just plays his songs![/color]

[b]Outdone by my owns words... Ah, the heck with it. I'll just kill Bieber and be done with it. *Everyone in the world hugs Shadow.* I DON'T LIKE TO BE TOUCHED![/b]

[quote="Question #51"]Dr. Nega (Well, Eggman Nega. The shorter one is easier to type), if I was to, say, do an Annoying Orange impression, what would you do?

With that in mind, hey! Hey! Nega! Hey! Hey! Hey Nega! Hey![/quote]

[color=#FF0000][i]I would peel just like an orange squeeze out all your juices.[/i][/color]

[quote="Question #52"]Silver, did you know that I will destroy the future?[/quote]

[color=#40FFBF]You are on the list, now! Along with fifty other guys.[/color]

[quote="Question #53"]Omochao, did you know that I don't find you remotely annoying?[/quote]

[color=#00FFFF]The odds have been beaten! They were only 1/34343243243242342! I knew I would win eventually![/color]

[quote="Question #54"]Chaos: Wassuuuuuuup.[/quote]


[quote="Question #55"]Bolizard: WHAZZZUUUUUUUP!!![/quote]


[quote="Question #56"]Vector: What'ya doin', man?[/quote]

[color=#40BF00][b]Yo, Knux! Pick up the phone![/b][/color]

[color=#FF0000]For the last time, I'm not doing it![/color]

[quote="Question #57"]All: Did you get that [i]Scary Movie[/i] reference?[/quote]

Just chillin', killin'...

[quote="Question #58"]Sonic: What if Eggman made you his slave? Like Sally?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]I'd make sure whatever he asked me to do, I'd screw it up just like all his other robots. And him.[/color]

[quote="Question #59"]Tails: What would you do if I told you that I ate your chillidog.[/quote]



[color=#FFBF00]...That's what you came up with?[/color]

There aren't any pics of you being mean and scary on Google!

[quote="Question #60"]Sonic: Wanna try my new energy drink: Enerjak?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]Ugh! Tastes like 400 year old Echidna.[/color]

[quote="Question #61"]Sonic: What is your favorite villian?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]One that I only have to beat once.[/color]

[quote="Question #62"]Sonic: Who would win? Chuck Norris or Dubs?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]If the battle is of insanity, Dubs. If it's of better beards, Ian Fly-[/color]


[color=#0000FF]CHUCK NORRIS! CHUCK NORRIS![/color]

[quote="Question #63"]Tails: Ever meet your son? He's cute.[/quote]

[color=#FFBF00]Umm... What?[/color]

[quote="Question #64"]Skye: Ever meet your father? He's....young?[/quote]

[color=#FFFF00]N-nah. He's real old.[/color]

[color=#FFBF00]Hey! Watch your mouth! When I was your age and I didn't have these aches, I was pretty nimble.[/color]

[color=#FFFF00]Yeah, but you were my age thirty years ago.[/color]

[color=#FFBF00]You're grounded.[/color]


[quote="Question #65"]Sonia: Your mom went BLAM BLAM BLAM and then turned into a robot. How do you feel?[/quote]

[color=#BF8000]I think she must have got better! She's reading me a story right now. Tonight it's Sonic the Hedgehog #250![/color]

Sonic fans: Give me that!

One guy: Did Sonic finally got out with Amy?

[quote="Question #66"]Sonic: Shadow said you owe him $500 bucks. If he doesn't get it he's calling in Dubs.[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]I'LL PAY! I'LL PAY![/color]

[b]But you don't owe me any-[/b]


[quote="Question #67"]Shadow: I told him. Now where's my $50?[/quote]

[b]At the end of a long walk on a short cliff.[/b]

[quote="Question #68"]Sonic, now that Sally's gone... y'know... all robot-like, would you like to go out with this weighted companion cube?[/quote]

[color=#0000FF]Cube? You nuts. It's a cube with a heart... And it's pink and... Friendly.


[quote="Question #69"]Amy, did you know that Sonic's going out with a companion cube?[/quote]

[color=#FF80FF]*Smashes cube.* Now he's going out with a flattened companion cube.[/color]


[quote="Question #70"]Dr. Eggman sir, would you mind stealing Scruffy's cookies for me?[/quote]

[color=#FF0000]Steal them? Sure. Give them to you? NEVER! Mhmm! These cookies are good!![/color]

They're low fat.

[color=#FF0000]BURN THEM![/color]

[quote="Question #71"]...yeah, those were the ones I put more rodent poison in. Sorry Dr. Eggman sir![/quote]

[color=#FF0000]...No. Snively, I'm doomed! Shot down in the prime of life! ALL MY DREAMS! Crushing the Hedgehog! Seeing his corpse bronzed as a trophy! Posing it for my statue so it looked like he was receiving a wedgie from my Badniks!

But, out of curiosity, where could I find more of these cookies? And do you have any milk? If I'm going to die, might as well go out on a full stomach.[/color]

[quote="Question #72"]Hey, Snively.... would you like a piece of fudge?[/quote]

[quote="Question #73"]Sorry Snively, it's chocolate chip and arsenic flavor.[/quote]

[quote="Question #74"]Anyone: I got a 3DS for Christmas! Now Omochao can come riiigghht out at you!


[quote="Question #75"]Sonic: Did you know that the 3DS version of your latest game sucks. PS3 is good though.[/quote]

[quote="Question #76"]Link: Due to Sonic's unholy infatuation in human princesses and zone traveling he has now shown interest in Zelda...[/quote]

[quote="Question #77"]Mario: Sonic stole your ? cube.[/quote]

[quote="Question #78"]Dr. Eggman: Yeah you like that special sauce don't you....yeah you do. Its one of Sonic's specials...*snicker*[/quote]

[quote="Question #79"]Sonic: I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR.[/quote]

[quote="Question #80"]Sonic: So....I heard you took an egg to the knee....[/quote]

[quote="Question #81"]Sally: Nanties are your pancakes hmm?[/quote]

[quote="Question #82"]Bunnie: Oh no! Your all squishey and stuff! WHY?![/quote]

[quote="Question #83"]Dr. Eggman: So I heard you took a hedgehog to the knee.....[/quote]

[quote="Question #84"]Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?

Omochao, did you know you don't annoy me?[/quote]

[quote="Question #85"]Whoever's answering these: Am I annoying you?[/quote]

[quote="Question #86"]Sonic: That companion cube could distract Eggman while you go save Sally...[/quote]

[quote="Question #87"]Bean: How's things? I brought you a *shiny* Christmas ball. :)[/quote]

[quote="Question #88"]Ken: I have a feeling there's a rescue mission headed Regina's way soon... I won't mention any other recent events.[/quote]

[quote="Question #89"]Metal Sonic: If you even dream of going after Sally...[/quote]

[quote="Question #90"]Shadow: I heard you ended up picking me for Secret Santa... so where's my bike? ;)[/quote]

[quote="Question #91"]Sonic: With your team currently pretty much destroyed, is it even worth trying to get the FF to work together?[/quote]

[quote="Question #92"]Tails: Looks like it's just you and Sonic, huh?[/quote]

[quote="Question #93"]Amy: I'd bring you into this, but I have the feeling there's another Metal Sonic around. Your thoughts?[/quote]

[quote="Question #94"]Metal Sally: There's this guy I'd like you to meet. He's golden, tall, and would probably make a good butler for you.[/quote]

[quote="Question #95"]Eggman: Meet Metal Sally's new butler! He might work for you too...[/quote]

[quote="Question #96"]Dr. Eggman: Will you destroy, the blue one we know, he's an obstacle that always gets in your way?[/quote]

[quote="Question #97"]Dr. Eggman: Will you play this game by your rules?[/quote]

[quote="Question #98"]Dr. Eggman: Will you conquer the world with your tools?[/quote]

[quote="Question #99"]Dr. Eggman: Are all your machines, made for destruction?[/quote]

[quote="Question #100"]Dr. Eggman: Will you build, your Empire?[/quote]

[quote="Question #101"]Dr. Eggman: Did those questions remind you of something?[/quote]

[quote="Question #102"]Sonic: Does it matter now what happens? Will you, ever give up the fight?[/quote]

[quote="Question #103"]Sonic: Is there any way you will run away from, all of your frights?[/quote]

[quote="Question #104"]Sonic: As long as the voice inside you says go will you, always keep on running?[/quote]

[quote="Question #105"]Sonic: Is there any way to stop you from going to the, very top?[/quote]

[quote="Question #106"]Sonic: Does it matter, who is wrong and who is right?[/quote]

[quote="Question #107"]Sonic: Were those questions familiar?[/quote]

[quote="Question #108"][quote="Peircefer"][quote="Werekitty119"][quote="Shadow101"][quote="Peircefer"][color=darkblue]Metal Sally: There's this guy I'd like you to meet. He's golden, tall, and would probably make a good butler for you.

Eggman: Meet Metal Sally's new butler! He might work for you too...[/color][/quote]

Is it Lawrence? Is it? ... He's not that tall though so you're probably talking about someone quite different.[/quote] [color=#804000] C3PO?[/color][/quote]

[color=darkblue]And the lady gets the cheesecake! Keep in mind that this is actual cheesecake. Not that fake stuff that is obviously not a cake of cheese.[/color][/quote] [color=#804000] YAY!

Hey, hey Sonic, hey! Hey Sonic! Sonic, hey!

Sonic: KNIFE!

Any: Did you get that Annoying Orange reference?[/color][/quote]

[quote="Question #109"]Dr. Eggman. Would you mind helping me... ah... [i]remind[/i] Shadow101 that they are the only person running the answering side of this thread for a reason?[/quote]

[quote="Question #110"]Dr. Eggman, that reason [i]is[/i] so we can torture him.[/quote]

[quote="Question #111"]Omochao, could you... [i]help[/i] Shadow101?[/quote]

[quote="Question #112"]Omochao, I wanted you to annoy them, not help with their housework.[/quote]

[quote="Question #113"]Tails Doll, can you curse Shadow101 for me?[/quote]

[quote="Question #114"]Tails Doll:, I can't feel the sunshine. I'm inside.[/quote]

[quote="Question #115"]Tails Doll: ...what? No! Put the chainsaw down![/quote]

[quote="Question #116"]Dr. Eggman, that was your theme song! How could you?[/quote]

[quote="Question #117"]Sonic, stop being so insane and go play Sonic Adventure once in a while. Yes, I realise that was not a question.[/quote]

[quote="Question #118"]Dr. Eggman, I dare you to watch this for ten minutes. Without going insane. If you do, I'll give you a robotic army. I realise that was not a question, but DTDD isn't going now.[/quote]

[quote="Question #119"]...Dr. Eggman, d'you mind if those robots are a combination of random robots from Mogul's casino?[/quote]

[quote="Question #120"]Sonic, acting like Shadow much?[/quote]

[quote="Question #121"]Shadow, would you mind going and acting like Sonic?[/quote]

[quote="Question #122"]Hey, Amy, would you paint yourself blue for Sonic?[/quote]

[quote="Question #123"]@ Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robo Robotnik Mark II

How does your moustache grow back so fast after every time it gets yanked, pulled, and/or critrawket'd?[/quote]

[quote="Question #124"]@ Elias Acorn

How much is a chance? [/quote]

[quote="Question #125"]@Bean

If you were a bird, what color would you be?[/quote]

[quote="Question #126"]@Scratch & Grounder

Still snoop[b]ing a[/b]s ususal i see![/quote]

[quote="Question #127"]@Mecha Sally

'/ (_) |\|0 $|>33|< 1337?[/quote]

[quote="Question #128"]@Harvey Who

What is 3481?[/quote]

[quote="Question #129"]@King Max

Where is there?[/quote]

[quote="Question #130"]@Snively

Did you know that your in a videogame?[/quote]

[quote="Question #131"]@Bunnie "Rabbot" D'collete

Why hasn't anyone invented the pancake hat?[/quote]

[quote="Question #132"]@Shadow

Why do you always wear skates?[/quote]

[quote="Question #133"]@Silver

Why are you silver?[/quote]

[quote="Question #134"]Sonic: Do you purr?[/quote]

[quote="Question #135"]Silver: I love your fluffy chest...did you notice that you, Shadow, Jest, Tails, etc. all have chest fur...and poor Sonic doesn't?[/quote]

[color=#00FFBF]I think he waxes. Makes him more aerodynamic.[/color]

[color=#0000FF]It stings, though. A lot.[/color]

[quote="Question #136"]Sonic: No fluffeh chest for you.....sorry.[/quote]

[quote="Question #137"]Sonic: Hehe...I love to torture you in my fan fics...don't I?[/quote]

[quote="Question #138"]Antoine: Nice speech the other day....pftt...I'm sorry that you lost the game. You mad bro?[/quote]

[quote="Question #139"]Sonic: Geoffrey didn't get arrested or charged...(hearty laughter), u mad bro?[/quote]

[quote="Question #140"]Shadow: Yeah...about that motorcycle...what ever did happen to that? Can I drive it? I'm 13 and I got a few good three years ahead of me....[/quote]

[quote="Question #141"]Sonic: about still mad bro?[/quote]

[quote="Question #142"]Mecha Sally: No offense...but now do you only go after Metal Hedgehogs?[/quote]

[quote="Question #143"]Metal Sonic: Well look on the bright side have Mecha Sally....[/quote]

[quote="Question #144"]Sonic:do you plan to take a vacation?[/quote]

[quote="Question #145"]The Forget-me-Knots: are you going to make my fancharater Nyan the cat rapper part of your band?[/quote]

[quote="Question #146"]Hey Amy, Sonic sez, go kill people![/quote]

[quote="Question #147"]...Amy, that was a YouTube edited video...[/quote]

[quote="Question #148"]Dr. Eggman, guess what IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid........[/quote]

[quote="Question #149"]Dr. Eggman, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'vveeeee jjjjuuuuuuuuuuussssstttt waaaaaaaaaaaassstted teeeeeeennn seeeconds of yoouur tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimee......[/quote]

[quote="Question #150"]Warden Zobotnik, do you know the true identity of the mysterious *snicker* El Gran Gordo?[/quote]

[quote="Question #151"]Omega: So far in all you're attempts at going on a date with Nicole you have been belittled, berated, befuddled and bamboozled. What do you intend to do now? One suggestion is a better vocabulary... Ladies love intellectual chaps.[/quote]

[quote="Question #152"]Omega: Do you hear the phrase "You-brainless-tin-chunk?"[/quote]


[quote="Question #153"]Omega: Maybe you should get an MBA. Can you afford one? I don't know what you get paid these days as a professional absolute destruction unit.[/quote]

[quote="Question #154"]Omega: Or community service! That way she sees that you don't subscribe to nothing but destructive use of your talents.[/quote]

[quote="Question #155"]Omega: You really should try something new.[/quote]

[quote="Question #156"]Omega: Tell her why you love her.[/quote]

[quote="Question #157"]Omega: She needs to know you appreciate her for who she is.[/quote]

[quote="Question #158"]Omega: ...Sounds like somebody only cares about specifications! Cad![/quote]

[quote="Question #159"]Omega: Processing power is all that counts these days, hmm?[/quote]

[quote="Question #160"]Omega: You'd die for her? ...Well. That's usually inspired by something more that stats.[/quote]

[quote="Question #161"]Omega: Of course when a guy admires a girl for her mind she tends to appreciate it because he doesn't just want her body... However when a machine admires the mind it's all about A.I levels and computation speed... I don't see how you can win.[/quote]

[quote="Question #162"]Omega: Then again in this anthropomorphic world you guys have feelings so you should appreciate her personality, spirit and pure soul.[/quote]

[quote="Question #163"]Nicole: Who would you date?[/quote]

[quote="Question #164"]Nicole: I know it's a common assumption that women love tough dangerous men who can throw around tigers by their tails and such, but it can be a factor you don't want to just ignore.[/quote]

[quote="Question #165"]Nicole: I leave the rest to you. Let you're heart guide you. ... But if you do something stupid I'll have to slap some sense into you.[/quote]

[quote="Question #166"]Omega, would you happen to know the identity of the mysterious El Gran Gordo?[/quote]


[quote="Question #167"]Omega, do you know what the Tails Doll is?[/quote]

[quote="Question #168"]Omega, woud you mind going through E102-Gamma's Final Egg stage from Sonic Adventure for me? I really would like seeing you do that.... blowing up the Egg Carrier.... destroying the Sonic doll.... getting the high-score.... it'll be great, right?[/quote]

[quote="Question #169"]Omega, if I was to hypothetically create this hypothetical serum which would hypothetically make give the user hypothetically unlimeted hypothetical superspeed, strength, endurance, and common sense, and I hypothetically gave that serum to Dr. Eggman, what would you hypothetically do? Hypothetically?[/quote]

[quote="Question #170"]Dr. Eggman, would you mind testing out this super-serum thing I created? [/quote]

[quote="Question #171"]Zonic, is there really a Zamy?[/quote]

[quote="Question #172"]Zonic, what about Zig the Cat?[/quote]

[quote="Question #173"]Zonic, is there also a Zuckles? Zarmy?[/quote]


[quote="Dare #1"]FFF: Post again.[/quote]


[quote="Story #1"]Write a story with Omega and Nicole.[/quote]