Type-55 storm rifle/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

  • The Storm Rifle should be paired with a precision weapon (e.g. Magnum, LightRifle) or another close range weapon (e.g. Shotgun), as at longer ranges, the Storm Rifle lacks accuracy due to the spread of the plasma bolts.
  • Compared to the Suppressor, the Storm Rifle is more powerful, capable of damaging shields more easily, thus making it more effective against shielded enemies and Jackals.
  • The Storm Rifle kills a Spartan in 12 bolts, making it the most powerful automatic weapon in terms of damage output.
    • However, it is still outclassed by the SAW, which has a much faster rate of fire and better accuracy to compensate for its slightly lower damage output.
  • In comparison to the Plasma Rifle, the Storm Rifle does not overheat as quickly, but both weapons are not recommended for long range combat.
  • The Storm Rifle is a common weapon in the campaign, usually wielded by Elites.
  • Out of all the battery-based weapons in Halo 4, the Storm Rifle has the biggest battery, holding 200 shots.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • The Storm Rifle's battery now not only depletes twice as quickly, but the weapon now also overheats more quickly. Because of this, the player must make even more of their shots count than before.
  • The Storm Rifle also suffers from moderately strong vertical recoil, although the player can use the smart scope to alleviate this and reduce the weapon's bolt spread for better accuracy and more range.
  • The Storm Rifle retains the title of the most powerful unmodified automatic weapon in terms of damage output, as it now kills a Spartan in 6 bolts, making the Storm Rifle a good alternative to the SAW.
  • Jackal Rangers are now more commonly seen wielding the Storm Rifle, giving them the same firepower as Elites.
    • Because of this, as well as the weapon's increased damage output, players should be more careful when fighting Storm Rifle-wielding enemies on Heroic or Legendary.
  • Warzone and Arena feature two additional variants of the Storm Rifle, all with the same damage output:
    • Fury: an improved variant with faster heat dissipation and better accuracy. This is useful for extended engagements at close and medium ranges.
    • Blissful Slumber: an advanced variant with arced explosive plasma bolts that deal increased knockback and small splash damage on each hit. This variant can be useful for dealing with enemy vehicles and indirect fire against ground troops.