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This template is used as a shorthand to insert a Halo Wars population icon, used for discussing unit population values, for instance.



To insert this template onto a page, place the following wikitext onto the article, in which the number 2 would be the required population value.



This template does not accept parameters.

Error states[edit]

This template has no error states.


Here is an example of what the template will output, when used:

Wiki markup Result
This unit takes up {{HWPop|2}}.
This unit takes up Population 2.


Template dependencies[edit]

This template does not depend on any other templates. It does depend on File:HW Icon Population.png

Extension dependencies[edit]

This template does not require any extensions.

Dependent templates[edit]

The following templates depend upon this one. If you are making changes to this template, please ensure that they will not break any of them!