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This template is used to signal to the editor that they have failed to supply a recommended template parameter.

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Field Name Field Aliases Optional or Required? Description Example
1 (Unnamed field) Message Recommended The message to present to the user. Template parameter "Acronym" is recommended!
Catgory - Optional The category to insert pages into if they contain this warning. Pages containing invalid template parameter warnings
Template - Recommended The name of the template in which the error has occurred. Acronym

Error states

This template is guaranteed never to throw an error, but will always issue a warning - that is its purpose.


Here is an example of how to use this template:

Wiki Markup Resulting Warning

MISSING PARAMETER WARNING: This template call is missing a recommended parameter!

{{Internal/Error/MissingParam|Template parameter "Acronym" is required!}}

MISSING PARAMETER WARNING: Template parameter "Acronym" is required!