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This is a suicide Vidmaster Challenge! Flood12345

LULZ, totally. I can't see how anyone can do that...within a month XD   General5 7    talk    contribs    email  
Actually, it looks pretty easy.
Ye I've got it its pretty easy once you try doing it.--Sgtpanda 14:50, September 25, 2009 (UTC)


I'm NEVER gonna get recon that looks solid!!

Splattering enemies does not void the achievement.[edit]

Unlike what the article says, you MAY melee/splatter enemies. You are also allowed to boost the Ghost. However, just clicking the right bumper one time or throwing the grenade voids the achievement, even if you just load the Spartan Laser.

Can it be done on the Prepare to Drop Level (the first level)?[edit]

I read this trying the achievement on the first level, not realizing I had to beat the game first (what a dumby) but I did it fairly easily by meleeing all the opponents with the skull on that replenishes stamina when you melee, basically by sneaking around and hitting enemies quickly. So that is my question is it able to be done on the short first level once the game has been completed?

Be careful of bad edits.[edit]

--Spirit-of-HALO removed the walkthrough section last time, so if he does it again, just go into the page history and a detailed walkthrough was posted by me and another user on the 25th. There are likely a thousand ways to get this achievement but I think there is a consensus that Uplift Reserve on a ghost is the easiest way. However, mediocre players will still need tips on how to do this so the walkthrough section on this achievement should stay as it is on almost every other achievement on this wiki, not erased by some socially crippled high school kid.

Hey, you CAN have marines in as passengers a got a turreter and gave the rider my laser and i got the achievemnent i les then 5 min. It is the esiest vidmaster

Co-op completion?[edit]

Can anyone confirm if this can be done on co-op if one of the players has the achievement and the other doesn't? I just did it with a friend who doesn't have it, and played as a gunner. I have no idea if he used the triggers at all. Monkey343 06:08, February 3, 2010 (UTC)

"complete any level solo on Legendary" Pretty sure its says "solo" right there in the description.

Xbox live[edit]

Do i Need to have a gold account or only a silver account? my gold account has run out of time...