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I did Legendary, and got to the area the video told me to go, but guess what? NO SWITCH!

I assume some nice little details have been left out, huh?--'''<span style="background:Black;display:inline-block;height:16px;padding-right:4px;line-height:1em;position:relative;top:-3px;-moz-border-radius:0 50% 50%">[[User:Shade Link|<font color="Blue">Shade</font>]]</span>''' 16:13, 23 October 2010 (EDT)

Locations of Eggs?[edit]

So, I've scoured the room more than once, and I still can't find all the eggs, like the 360's, Noble Team art, and the pic of Jason and Marty. I think it'd be really nice to have some directions; can someone comply please? --Am I a Lion, or a Lamb? Or a Boy? Saint or Sinner? The Lost Books 16:11, 5 December 2010 (EST)