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Any help with the needed citation, it's specific reference to the player being in "control" of the actions happening in each game, but as stated by the person who was locking me out of the article page, citation is needed.

Literal videos or livestreams of Halo Gameplay would be proof of this concept within the Halo Universe, in live time, but would be probably too meta for a concept like "living time" in a fictional universe.

Nobody can understand what you are trying to say with the edit you made. It just looks like gibberish, to be honest. Obviously only sentient beings can choose to do anything. What does that have to do with anything in this article, though?TheEld (talk) 23:30, July 26, 2022 (EDT)TheEld

The concept of "Living Time" as stated in this article does not talk about how an individual (like John 117) interacts within that contruct, so I put it in terms of "sentience", "an eternal perspective", and "promoting the ideals "excessive, and needless cruelty and destruction were seen as introducing an imbalance" in perspectice of John 117 (or any playable character) as that seems prudent with the introduction of the Xalanyn spiecies and the Zeta Halo in Halo Infinite.

Still sounding like gibberish? Any explination can be provided if you have questions.