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The purpose of Fire Team Zulu.

it could be possible that there were more than one pelican that fire team zulu use to get to the control room. Becuase there were way to many Marines and Marine bodys around to fill up more than three or four pelicans in the level "Assault on the Control Room." And another question, why were the Marines there in the first place? And what were their objectives. becuase I say that the cost of life for the control of the control room was, what i say, way to high, just to have the vallies and control room lost to the Covenant a few hours later. If that was their mission all along. Though those dead Marine bodies near the control room do kinda point out that the Control room was the objective. But I would like to have your opinion. UNSIGNED

Well, if you remember, some of the Marines were at the crash site, and there were about 5 more further on being chased by Hunters. You save them and they go on the last part with you. The only way that would work would be impossible. Some troops would need to stay on and survive the crash, some got off with the warthog, and some would've had to move further into the chasm and go to where you meet them. This isn't official, but when you mod and jump down to the marines, about 4 of them won't respond to anything you do. These are the ones further on with the tank.

I believe that they got off the Pelican, maybe heard a crash, and half went to investigate, when the Covenant came and blocked them off from each other. Another Pelican must've been present and went on to drop them nearer to the room. Since a tank would hold them down, perhaps that Pelican dropped off the tank so it wouldn't be caught in fire? Also, to aid the marines that are there already? As for the above person, I think it was the objective, or they just needed to land and "happened" to land where they did. -- 13:37, 3 June 2007 (UTC)


Are you absolutely sure that Zulu might have survived Installation 04 with Stacker, though I think you could be right since it is canon fictional they might have survived somehow, Trooper201 (talk) 04:36, 26 August 2015 (EDT)

Even if it did the fireteam is conditional and not a fixed unit. Also Chips Dubbo and Stacker are in canon limbo. Alertfiend (talk) 04:53, 26 August 2015 (EDT)