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July 20th

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I have been playing Halo since a year after Halo CE was released, ever since then I have been a Sangheili (Elite back then) fan boy

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Hmmm, take a guess.

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When I realized I get to play as an Sangheili in Halo 2

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No Sangheili in Halo 4

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About the 2 ship thing. Look at the image i just uploaded to the wiki. Behind the seats, there is easily enough space for at least 3 more people. just watch the episode again if you dont believe me.


Hey Alertfiend, how are you? I wanted to ask if I could propose something for the wiki. I was thinking we could add more categories to the characters' pages, things like "Covenant members" (for those who once were part of the original Covenant - including those who defected), "Hierarchs" (for all San'Shyuum who achieved this position) and other little things like that? I think it would expand more and if it's possible to add it I'll take all my time to do it. I did but it wasn't meant to be spamming or anything. I think those categories allows more possibilities. On the "Covenant members", UNSC and SoS characters are classified as belonging to a UNSC branch or being SoS members, so I though Covenant characters could use it too. I would like to talk more about it because I think it's a good idea. Besides, I would be 100% dedicated on it and myself add on all pages if the admins allow it. Many categories such as Covenant members, Hierarchs, Warrior-Servants and others would be good additions in my opinion. It would not look one-dimensional for the characters. Oh, and a side-note, don't you think it's better have the characters be listed with their species' actual names? Such as Unggoy (Characters) or Unggoy characters?


Ok will do the didnt buttons gone I didn't relise I had to upload the image onto the wiki first the admin I think has stopped me from putting images in if you could have a word as I now uploaded the picture File:Swords of Sanghelios defence.jpg so I can put it on the swords of sanghelios page cheers


Cheers for editing my image making it better for the page do you think you could help me with the others I have good pictures :)