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In the last paragraph of this article, it states that ODST's boarded the Truth & Reconciliation and captured a minor prophet? Its true they boarded the ship, and the prophet was previously onboard, but I don't recall anyone capturing a prophet. This was once John-117's priority mission, and I would think it would've been mentioned had they actually captured one while rescuing Captain Keyes. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but I think this article is incorrect.

Yes, John-117 was given a mission to capture a Prophet but that mission was before the Battle of Reach. Situation changed when they arrived in Installation 04 where his priority is to make sure Cortana doesn't fall to the hand of the enemy and that he should find a way to get her back to UNSC HIGHCOM. I suggest reading Halo: The Flood.(7alk) 02:34, January 31, 2010 (UTC)
I am in the middle of reading The Flood for the 4th time right now. And judging from your edit, you obviously never actually read mine. I said it was "once" hs mission and whether it "was his mission" or "still is his mission," I think they would've mentioned that they captured a Prophet. In fact, that is the only argument I am making. I really don't see the point you're trying to get across or how it relates to what I wrote. It seems you're trying to correct me on something I never argued.