Skins (Halo 3)/Mongoose

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Icon Name Description Unlock requirements
Default Default skin. Unlocked by default
H3 Mongoose HazardPay Skin.png
Hazard Pay Safety first! Series 5 Challenge: Release The Geese
H3 Mongoose AmethystRaven Skin.png
Amethyst Raven Purple makes you go faster, scientifically. Series 6, Tier 45 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Mongoose Racer Skin.png
Blue Lightning Put the pedal to the metal. Series 6, Tier 61 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Mongoose Turbo Skin.png
Turbo The color of finality. Series 6, Tier 79 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Mongoose BlackRhine Skin.png
Black Rhine Being stylish means never having to apologize for excess. Series 6, The Exchange (Spartan Point 3)
HTMCC Season 8 battlepass icon.
Gilded Lion Suitable for parades and full-frontal assaults. Series 8, Tier 11 (Spartan Point 1)