Skins (Halo 3)/BattleRifle

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In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements Description
N/A Default Unlocked by default Default skin.
H3 BattleRifle TropicalThunder Skin.png
Tropical Thunder Series 3, Tier 27 (Season point 1) The palm in your hand.
H3 BattleRifle ArtOfWar Skin.png
Art Of War Series 3, Tier 35 (Season point 1) Tag. You’re it.
H3 BattleRifle TechCamoBravo Skin.png
Tech Camo Bravo Series 3, Tier 19 (Season point 1) Gunner’s seat, please.
H3 BattleRifle RedAlert Skin.png
Red Alert Series 3, Tier 50 (Season point 1) The source of cautionary tales.
H3 BattleRifle GreatJourney Skin.png
Great Journey Series 5, Tier 83 (Season point 1) Don't worry... I know what the aliens like.
H3 BattleRifle Desert Skin.png
Desert Series 5, Tier 18 (Season point 1) Looks very stylish with a poncho.
H3 BattleRifle Golden Skin.png
Golden Series 5, Tier 53 (Season point 1) Bling on the ring.
H3 BattleRifle LuckyShot Skin.png
Lucky Shot Series 5 Challenge: Combo Maker But you had something they didn't...
H3 BattleRifle GreyScales Skin.png
Grey Scales Series 5, Tier 65 (Season point 1) There are many sides to every argument.
H3 BattleRifle HazardPay Skin.png
Hazard Pay Series 5, Tier 48 (Season point 1) Safety first!
H3 BattleRifle ScarletThorn Skin.png
Scarlet Thorn Series 5, Tier 21 (Season point 1) Points well made.
H3 BattleRifle HuntersBlood Skin.png
Hunter's Blood Series 5, Tier 33 (Season point 1) Well armed. Well armored.
H3 BattleRifle BlackRhino Skin.png
Black Rhine Series 6, The Exchange (Season point 4) Take out targets in style.
H3 BattleRifle AmberRaven Skin.png
Amber Raven Series 6, Tier 88 (Season point 1) Waiting in the sleeping forest.
HTMCC Season 8 battlepass icon.
Scorned Fate Series 8 Challenge: Veteran Veneer
Complete the Montage Starter Kit and Infamous challenges.
The ravages of time can touch even the mightiest of weapons.
HTMCC Season 8 battlepass icon.
Vexing Tomorrow Series 8, Tier 98 (Season point 1) War is art.
MCC Menu icon.
OGX BR The Exchange