Skins (Halo: Combat Evolved)/PlasmaRifle

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Plasma Rifle
Icon Image Name Description Unlock requirements
Default Default skin. Unlocked by default
HCE PlasmaRifle Ultra Skin.png
Ultra The Evocati don't mess around. Series 2, Tier 90 (Season point 1)
HCE PlasmaRifle Brutal Skin.png
Brutal A Jiralhanae's best friend. Series 2, Tier 39 (Season point 1)
HCE PlasmaRifle Schism Skin.png
Schism For those seeking redemption. Series 2, Tier 73 (Season point 1)
HCE PlasmaRifle Zealot Skin.png
Zealot Glory in an honorable death. Series 2, Tier 79 (Season point 1)