Sangheili Death Benediction

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"May the Great Journey await you, may your enemies writhe in hell, and your line continued forward, and gain honor...
May your scattered body go, beyond the limits of your mind...
Beyond the limits of our worlds
To the places our ancestors dream and sang of
And the Prophets speak of.
— Thel 'Vadamee[1]

The Sangheili Death Benediction is a war poem that Sangheili warriors cite if one of their allies has done something dishonorable.

A notable example is that of Jora 'Konaree, who hurled himself at a group of Kig-Yar during a battle. By doing so, he became crippled and was imprisoned. He decided that the most honorable way to die and the only way to preserve his family's honor was to kill himself. He was, however, unable to do so, and Thel 'Vadamee had to kill him afterwards while singing the benediction.

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