Remote Display Capsule

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Halo: Outpost Discovery artwork depicting guests inside an RRD-C.

The Remote Display Capsule (RDC) is a UNSC technology employed at Outpost Discovery. RDC modules are large, immersive screens used to allow multiple uses to view the live broadcast of an OQ-45 Honeybee or other compatible surveillance sources.These systems are particularly useful for survey and exploration missions and have also proven to be popular with visitors to UNSC outreach and recruiting events.[1] They are used by guests at the outpost to view the surface of a Halo ring through the lens of a Honeybee drone.[2]


RRD-C modules have the following specifications;

  • Dome radius: 6m
  • Dome height: 5m
  • Screen wall: 12" pitch
  • Wall Height (Screen Front): 709mm
  • Wall Height (Screen Back): 2280mm


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