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Refill Needed
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Refill Needed is a Huragok operating inside the Sharpened Shield, a Forerunner shield world formerly based within Onyx.[1]


Between November 2552 and February 2553, in the chronology of normal space, Refill Needed and four other Huragok encountered Lucy-B091. She accidentally killed one of its companions which it was shown to mourn greatly over. It appeared to show little interest in Lucy, only modifying her rucksack. When the rest of the humans were reunited with Lucy, Refill and the other Huragok refused to depart from the shield world, insisting that they stay to maintain it. They would create 3 Huragok, Tends To List, Perfect Density and Leaks Repaired, for the purpose of looking after the Forerunner technology taken from the shield world.

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