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Enemies' end.

Omega Team is a Spartan special forces team available exclusively to Commander Jerome. All three members of Omega Team are deployed into battle via drop pods. Legendary soldiers in their own right, Omega Team members inspire nearby units in addition to packing heavy weapons.

Robert-O25 is armed with a fast—firing Plasma Cannon, Leon-011 is fitted for close—quarters combat with a custom Energy Sword, and August—099 is a crack shot with her Railgun. As Spartans, each member of Omega Team has energy shields and the ability to Hijack enemy vehicles.

Omega Team is a fast reaction team of Spartan super-soldiers deployed to colony worlds threatened by the Covenant. Using the fastest transports available, Omega Team rushes to reinforce local defenses and buy time for a UNSC response or – more often – an emergency evacuation and enforcement of classified last-stand protocols.

In this latter role Omega Team is responsible for denial of critical resources, data, and personnel to the enemy by any means necessary, including deployment of weapons of mass destruction to prevent capture and utilization.

Red Team worked closely with Omega Team several times, including the defense of Arcadia’s capital city when it was attacked in 2531, but were separated when the Spirit of Fire departed the system to chase retreating Covenant forces. Commander Jerome has discerned they survived the war, based on UNSC records recovered from the Henry Lamb facility, but he can only speculate as to their current activities.