Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/Cyclops

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Phoenix log artwork

Anti-tank combat walker.

Cyclops suits are armored infantry exoskeletons armed with an anti-vehicle autocannon effective against most ground units. The autocannon can be upgraded to fire shock rounds with non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse warheads that slow the movement of target vehicles. Cyclops suits benefit from infantry upgrades but are as durable as most light vehicles.

Radically redesigned by Serina using design files from Lethbridge Industrial that she inadvertently "found" during operations on Arcadia, the HRUNTING Mk.III Cyclops suits produced aboard the Spirit of Fire now use a refactored exoskeleton and completely original control software. Though this combat walker variant does not have the raw strength of the original engineering vehicle, it is faster and far easier to operate even with its new weaponry and armor. Isabel continues to improve on the design with modern UNSC cyberlink protocols and module concepts.