Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/Condor Gunship

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Slow-moving but heavily armed and armored gunship.

The Condor is a slow-moving but powerful gunship variant of the civilian dropship armed with multiple pulse laser turrets and a ballista mini-Magnetic Accelerator Cannon [MAC], all of which can independently target enemy units. The pulse lasers fire quickly, making them effective against massed units, and the MAC is unmatched in hard target elimination. It can be upgraded with a heavy gauss barrage, which fires three quick MAC blasts at enemy targets.

Condor gunships produced on the Spirit of Fire lack a slipspace drive, however, with those systems replaced by older, bulkier. capacitors Isabel used to power the pulse lasers and magnetic accelerator cannon.

The G81 Heavy Gunship, Isabel's reconfiguration of the Condor transport, breaks a large number of UNSC weapons platform and other safety regulations, but she's pretty sure Captain Cutter will have her back if they survive the war on the Ark.