Phoenix Logs/Leaders/Voridus

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Phoenix log artwork

The corrupter.

Voridus is many things that his elder brother is not: glory-seeking, vicious, curious, and spontaneous. Gifted with an intuitive understanding of Forerunner systems, he has ruthlessly exploited the Ark for new resources and knowledge since the Banished arrived, culminating in his recent harnessing of infusion gel.

Infusion gel is a perfected form of the energetic meta-materials and strained-bond lattices used in Covenant fuel rods, and is one of the materials pumped throughout the Ark in great rivers to keep the installation functioning. Unfortunatly, the prototype infusion technology Voridus created produces corrosive and mutagenic sludge during operation. Not that this has stopped Voridus from field testing new weapons that actually harness these dangerous by-products.

As a leader, Voridus has bent his considerable intellect to perfecting the military uses of infusion gel, utilizing it in powerful Infused Mine explosives and creating an Infused Wake of corrupting energy with targeted bombing runs. With Salt the Earth he spreads energy pools, while the Invigorating Frenzy leader ability heals allies that are in energy pools. Cataclysm triggers the energy pools latent potential, resetting their duration and significantly increasing the damage they cause to enemy units (even those in the air). When not manipulating gel, his Combat Spoils leader ability orders his units to salvage a small amount of resources when dealing damage to enemy buildings.