Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Alice-130 Report

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Spartan Alice-130, Spirit of Fire Red Team. Date: 03/28/2559

This is senior chief petty officer Alice-130, recording status report. Operating comms silent.

I managed to hold them off as long as I could while the Pelicans carried out Jerome and Douglas, and once they were clear I spotted a Ghost, commandeered it and made for the nearest portal. There was a brute coming through from the other side, and I have to admit, his surprised expression as he bounced off the front of my Ghost was very satisfying.

The Portal transported me a couple of clicks away from the main force, so I stashed the Ghost in a nearby cave and took up a watch. After a couple of hours perched in a small indent of a cliff face, the hostiles had moved on. A caravan detachment had captured some of our troop from back at the outpost and were taking off in another direction of the main force, so I've been tracking them, maintaining comms silence until it's safe to contact the Spirit of Fire.

One more thing - although the hostile forces consisted of both Unggoy and Jiralhanae soldiers they're not kitted out like any I've seen before, and the taking of prisoners is unusual behavior for the Covenant. It's unclear yet whether this is some kind of subfaction or new enemy force. I will continue to make and log these reports until contact is reestablished. Alice-130, signing off.