Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Jump Pack Brutes

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Phoenix log artwork

Fast-moving assault troops.

This Brute heavy infantry unit is equipped with jump packs and armed with hammers. The Brutes can leap a great distance with the packs assistance, unleashing a crushing attack at their destination that deals area-of-effect damage. Jump Brutes in the service of Atriox also drop trip mines along their jump path to deter enemy pursuit. All Jump Pack Brute squads can increase their unit size with the dark skies upgrade.

Favored by Atriox for their mobility and savagery, the Banished make extensive use of Jump Pack Brutes for reconnaissance, hit-and-run harassment, and devastating close-quarters assaults. Though the jump packs cannot provide full flight capabilities and must cool down after each use, they allow the Brute warriors to quickly smash into enemy lines, crushing all who stand against the Banished.