Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Engineers

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Phoenix log artwork

Enigmatic living machines with remarkable repair abilities.

The Engineers are non-combat infantry support units that can heal nearby friendly units and structures with their reconstitution beams. They can float over cliffs and other impediments to escape danger, but have no offensive abilities. Engineers have an ability to create an overshield bubble to briefly protect itself and nearby allies.

Mysterious living machines created by the Forerunners to function as techno-savants, Engineers have peerless knowledge of all types of technology and seemingly inexhaustible wells of ingenuity in modifying and repairing machinery.

"Born" with an obsession to maintain and protect Forerunner artifacts, Engineers in the service of the Banished exist in constant agony due to the control yokes bonded to their flesh forcing them to ignore endless requests for maintenance from the Ark as a result of Atriox's extraction and excavation efforts.