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Perdita is a fictional character in Perdita's Story, an introspective parable by the Sleeping Princess, in which she serves as the titular protagonist. Perdita, a name of Latin derivatives, means 'lost woman'.


She is the representation of Yasmine Zaman, taken from home and transformed into a Spartan-II against her will. Perdita, who lost her family during a circus, tries to get back to them in a mysterious endless night. She seeks the company of the Clockwork Rat, who promises to keep her safe and help her find her family. However, the rat replaces her body parts with machinery while she sleeps, and cuts the strings of the red balloons she leaves as a trail.

Physical Description[edit]

She is described as the most beautiful girl in the land, and very vain because of it. However, due to the intervention of the Clockwork Rat, many of her body parts are replaced with figurative cybernetic parts. By the end of the story, her thumb has been replaced with the head of a pair of needle-nose pliers; her right eye has been replaced; her right foot replaced with an electric iron; her hair replaced; her teeth replaced with thin pieces of tin; and her tears replaced with oil.

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