Clockwork Rat

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"Come with me. I know the city and the dark. I can find you safe places to sleep, and food to eat, after a fashion. I can be the best friend you could ever imagine, if only you will put me down."
— Clockwork Rat[1]

The Clockwork Rat is a fictional character in Perdita's Story, an introspective parable by the Sleeping Princess, in which he serves as the chief antagonist.

Physical Description[edit]

The Clockwork Rat is, as his name implies, a mechanical rat built from various mundane objects.[2] His ears are made of open safety pins;[2] his tail is made from a rubber wiper-blade;[2] his whiskers are made from wires;[2] his eyes are made from ball-bearings;[3] his claws are made from surgical scissors;[2] his teeth are made from the scraps of tin from under Perdita's father's workbench.[2] Additionally, the rat's voice is a high-pitched metallic squeak. While without an actual sex the rat is often referred to with male pronouns.


The Clockwork Rat is a deceptive and manipulative character, a representation of Dr. Catherine Halsey and the SPARTAN Program.[4][5] When caught by Perdita, he promises to help her survive and eventually find her way to her family.[6] However, the rat secretly destroys the trail of red balloons she leaves,[7] and in time alters her into a hideous cyborg while she sleeps.[8][9]

List of appearances[edit]


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