Paegaas Workshop Spiker/Gameplay

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The Brute Spiker was introduced in Halo 3. It has a fast reload time, even when dual wielding, compared with the SMG. The Spiker's blades increase the damage of the melee attack only marginally to compensate for gameplay. However, rounds fired from the Spiker travel slower than SMG rounds.


  • The Spiker is a great weapon for mid- to close-quarters combat. The Spiker is incredibly useful on Sierra 117, Crow's Nest and the interior portions of The Storm and Floodgate.
  • The Spiker is the one of the most effective rapid fire weapons, next to the Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle, against the Flood. Ammunition for it is plentiful (most Brute Combat Forms carry one), the spikes will tear through the rotting flesh of Combat Forms efficiently, and it can take out Pure Forms at range. The blades on the Spiker also destroy Flood very effectively. An easy tactic on almost any difficulty level is to allow the Flood to charge you and swing as they get close, which will almost always destroy all Forms, including Tank Forms, in one hit. Only Shielded Combat Forms would survive on higher difficulty levels. However, any Flood wielding powerful short-range weapons such as the Shotgun, Mauler or Energy Sword, and Ranged Pure Forms for that matter, should be dealt with at range.
  • The Spiker is always a sound choice for engaging lower ranking Covenant forces such as Grunts, Drones and even Jackals.
  • A good dual-wielding combination would be the Spiker and the Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle- the Plasma Rifle takes out Jackal or Brute shields while the Spiker will finish the unshielded enemy off. This is also a good combination in Multiplayer.
  • In Halo 3: ODST, the blades make the Spiker a much more effective melee weapon than other non-bladed weapons; furthermore, the projectiles travel farther than their Halo 3 counterpart.


  • As with Campaign, dual-wielding a Spiker with a Plasma Rifle is a great combination for taking out shielded targets.
  • In multiplayer, shooting from a medium range then closing in for a melee kill is a sound tactic. Just be sure that the enemy does not have a counter weapon, such as a Shotgun or Energy Sword.
  • If engaging a target at mid-range, lead your shots to compensate for the slow velocity of the spikes.
  • It can be easily countered by a Shotgun wielder, but if the Spiker wielder backpedals furiously, he may be able to kill the Shotgun user before he can get close enough to fire.
  • Be aware that the spikes have a slight arc when traveling over medium range, such that if the wielder were aiming at the chest or head, the spikes may have ended up hitting the target's feet, or missed entirely if not using controlled bursts. At those ranges, the spread would render the Spiker ineffective, so engaging an enemy at this range is not recommended.
  • The Spiker with a Plasma Pistol is another effective Noob Combo when attempting to surprise attack a lone enemy. Use an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot to take out the enemy's shields, and then use the Spiker to kill the now unshielded enemy.