ONI Field Report C384409

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ONI Field Report C384409 was an Office of Naval Intelligence status report on the excavation of the Forerunner ruins in Zone 67.[1] In 2552, the AI Endless Summer included it as an attached file in Flash 91762P-06.


September 2, 2517 (Military Calendar)
ONI Field Report C384409
Classification: TOP SECRET, CODE-WORD
Subject: Status of ruins in Zone 67
Reporting Officer: Commander J. G. Ortega, Office of Naval Intelligence, Section Three/UNSCMID: 7631073
New facilities went operational as of 0500 hours today. Smart AIs functioning in tandem as per specifications with some preliminary success on some of the simpler, low-dimensional hieroglyphics.
Continued excavations of millions of cubic feet of earth in Zone 67 yield ruined buildings, carvings, and tablets, but as with the other regions no discoveries of a technological nature discovered (or if there are, we lack sufficient understanding to discern their function).
Carvings depicting the inhabitants of Onyx still not found. Whatever these creatures looked like, for the moment, remains a mystery.
The senior staff now believes that a sudden cataclysm claimed the inhabitants of this world. Unknown if pathological, sociological, or radiological in nature. This may, however, explain the higher-than-normal background radiation levels.
Recommendation: Increased staff and funding. The ruins are so extensive they could take several lifetimes to unearth them all. This entire world may be covered in similar ruins. New technologies certainly must have survived and await discovery.

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