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Oracle Newsletter Volume XII for Oracle Newsletter Volume XII

June 3, 2007
The Oracle
The Unofficial Newsletter of Halopedia

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume XII, and once again, the Oracle bids thee tidings in this release of the Oracle Newsletter, for the week of June 3, 2007!

Wha's goin' on?

  • Someone's in trouble! In the Bungie Weekly Update for this week (what else would it be for, this month?), a ton of people, including me, got busted for doing things Bungie doesn't like; in my case, it was humping a corpse that became a cadaver by someone else's works--WHO WOULDA THUNK!?
  • HaloClix!!! I didn't really read much about it, so don't ask me any questions, but there's a think called HaloClix now... looks pretty; check it out.
  • Halo 3 Zune!!! I really hate Zunes, but I don't care--I'm entering, and I'm winning. Anyway, it's a contest hosted ovah at HBO, so get your brain thunking and MAKE SUMTHIN' COOL!!!
  • 113 days remaining until the release of the renowned Halo 3 in September!!!

Local news

  • Esemono and Dragonclaws appear to have deserted us! Also, Steve has been declared inactive, to which he replied "okay." This leaves us only with ED, who, rather than being the dictator here, is looking for more sysops! You can find GPT's run for administratorship here, and RR's here!
  • GPT, it seems, has coined a really catchy term that no one here uses but even Wikia admins have been caught using: SEXEH! It started on IRC when GPT first said "AH AM ENCREDEBLEH SEXEH!!!" and it just went downhill from there. ;D
  • GPT has started working out and going to the swimming pool! All this working out and swimming is gonna make him EVEN MORE SEXEH!!!
Meet Someone New!

News-You Have Seen.jpg

Kwarsh is the distinguished community member of this week. He joined Halopedia on February 10th, 2007 so he could edit an article. Having little to no wiki knowledge, he screwed it up, overlapping templates and making red links. Having very little edits, Kwarsh is still well known around here. He is a regular attender of GPT's SEXEH PARTEES and has been known to claim himself as the Grunty lord of all the Grunts. He is currently planning to marry GPT on the night of June 3rd, 2007. You can speak to him at his talk page. Once again, meet Kwarsh!

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