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Oracle Newsletter Volume VIII for Oracle Newsletter Volume VIII

March 25, 2007
The Oracle
The Unofficial Newsletter of Halopedia

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume VIII, and once again, the Oracle bids thee tidings in this release of the Oracle Newsletter, for the week of March 25, 2007!
Wha's goin' on?

  • Bungie.net has gotten a gargantuan makeover! OH MY HALO!! (ignore the lameness, plz =D) Crzzy g00d stuff. The colors are all in the cool pallete and stylish, and even the player tracking function is utterly awesome. It's also gotten a focus to Halo 3 as well...holy halo...yeah, that alliterates...Check it OUT!!
  • 103 days remaining until the release of the renowned Halo 3 in November...

Local news

  • HALOPEDIA WARZ!!! Again, no update for this match on Saturday the 24th (RR's t00 l@zy), but a quick summary: RelentlessRecusant and Donut THX 1138 (Relentless Red) vs. Digipatd, Ryanngreenday, and TheObviousOne (B00ming Blue). 50 - 44, Relentless Red. Rather impressive because of the disparity in numbers...but Blue definately did fight hard. "Step it up!" - Ryanngreenday... Ryan w@z amazing with the sniper rifle...which was rather painful in the 14.5x11mm way, and Relentless was saddened because Donut beat him by 2 killz and because most of his kills were from plasma grenades (6/24 kills). But all in all, a good game. =D See the game in detail at Bungie.net (note: Surebiggie left after a second, he wasn't really a major dude(tte) =D)
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Covenant of Halopedia news
News-Wiki CoH.PNG

Current Improvement Article: Ship Master

  • Vote for next term's Councilor-Imperator, Arbitrator of the Change, and Speaker of the High Council here!
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  • You want a promotion? Please help us out on the Ship Master article! Thanks! =D
Meet Someone New!

News-Marine Capt.jpg
News-You Have Seen.jpg

Donut THX 1138 (otherwise known as "Councilor 'Nodotee" or just "Barfbag" =D) is the distinguished community member of the week! Although here for only two or so months, he is already one of the most (un) respectable community members here! *Donut kicks RR* I mean...the most venerable all-mighty...*Donut walks away*. But...I mean...he's so ugly he has to wear a mask even when he's on the Internet (see left). Never mind. =D On a more serious note, he is the esteemed founder of the Covenant of Halopedia, the first and largest political group ever on Halopedia! He also has seven awards (the fact that RR has been here for like 7+ months and only has like 9 awards is inconsequential because Donut is...unkewl =D) and over 2600 edits! Woohoo! You can speak to this esteemed up-'n-coming youngling-OWOW!-I mean, okay, okay! You can speak to Donut at his talk page!


News-Rainbow Six Vegas Box Art.jpg

The Oracle's Review for Rainbow Six Vegas®, Xbox 360

In the new tactical first-person shooter, you're Logan Keller. Who said so? The game did, so shut up and listen! =D Logan Keller is a former U.S. Army Delta Force commando, but was recently transferred to the counterterrorism unit RAINBOW, a special operations force with almost unlimited jurisdiction. When the very bad and unkewl international terrorist and leather girl Irena Morales attacks Las Vegas, you and your three-man team are dispatched to a bewildering number of real life locations - Calypso Casino, Vertigo Spire, Dante's Casino, Las Vegas University, etc...to take out the bad guys and restore justice to, ironically, Sin City. =D

  • Gameplay: 10 - Sweet! You kidding? The entire game screams corybantically at you - TACTICAL and REALISTIC! Add to that the 40+ weapons you can wield...
  • Graphics: 9.5 - Excellent. Beautiful lights, character textures...
  • Campaign: 10 - Exceptional. Multiple hostage situations, rapelling, suppressors do things, multiple avenues of attack, infrared imaging, flash-bang grenades...and the high you get when you rescue a family of three from a host of terrorists. =D
  • Multiplayer: 9.0 - Meh, it's okay, with a severe disinclination against newer players. It gets kinda old after awhile, too.
  • OVERALL: 9.6 - An excellent modern tactical shooter, in the vein of Tom Clancy.

News-Crackdown Body Juggler.jpg
20 Gamerscore icon taken from Xbox.com. Originally a single block colour (with the two circles both being white and the 'G' a transparent cutout), but modified by myself to display nicely on dark *and* light themes, and to be reminiscent of the pre-Xbox One gamerscore icon.

The Oracle's Help Guide for the Crackdown® Achievement "Body Juggler"

The video game Ticket Into the Halo 3 Beta, erhm...sorry...I mean...of course...Crackdown...has just come out. While its most lucrative siren alluring players is entrance into the Halo 3 Beta some time this summer, it's loaded with beautifully done Achievements for all of you Gamerscore whores out there. =D

Okay...the Body Juggler achievement requires you to keep a body aloft in the air for 10 seconds. How to? First off, grab a dead body. There should be many. Preferably not your own. =D Next, go to the Shai-Gen sector of Pacific City and grab one of 'em sweet Firefly homing 5-rocket rocket launchers. Firefly is an understatement of the fireworks you can make with this tubule of metal, but that's another matter. Okay. Now, go to somewhere isolated, away from any civilians, Peacekeepers, etc...Now, toss the body straight up into the air a bit in front of you. Now, unload your rocket launcher. You'll need to deplete two magazines to keep the body in the air, but that's a minor price for 20 Gamerscore. =D

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