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Oracle Newsletter Volume VI for Ares.117

March 12, 2007
The Oracle
The Unofficial Newsletter of Halopedia

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume VI, and once again, the Oracle bids thee tidings in this release of the Oracle Newsletter, for the week of March 12, 2007!

Wha's goin' on?

  • Water! TONS of new stuff's been added when it comes to water; splashes for bipeds, foam, spume, and spray for waterfalls, and... uhm... well, anyway, it's just the finishing touch for Valhalla, which is looking to be a great map.
  • Loads of other graphical improvements, most notably NEW grass ripple in the wind, BIG...ger weapons on the ground, and geometrical upgradation of a map called Jub Jub. Note: Jub Jub is supposed to be small, like Lockout. But Lockout isn't too small, so maybe this means Halo 3 maps will be bigger than most Halo 2 maps, eh? 'Specially Valhalla.
  • 117 days remaining until the release of the renowned Halo 3 in November!!!

Local news

  • The Halopedia Forums are still fully operational and you're talking about Halo without putting it in articles by just starting a new thread there! Unfortunately, this has helped those who led Team Halopedia and those who opposed the leadership of Team Halopedia bicker in a whole new way, but it's all good.
  • Recently, apparently there's been a lot of vandalisms. This guy called Captainjackhalooftheuss23sexship (who doesn't understand how templates for awards work, I might add) vandalized our featured new someone's userpage, the Halo page, and the Halo Wars page, but he's either been banned or at least people have wanted him to be banned, or something, so he's no longer with us. How sad... ='(
Meet Someone New!

News-You Have Seen.jpg

Ares.117 is the distinguished community member of this week. He has only been on Halopedia for just over a month, but has already garnered two awards and is known rather well amongst fellow Halopedians. To add to that, he has a fan fiction on his userpage, although I don't know if he updates it regularly or anything like that. You can speak to him at his talk page. Once again, meet Ares.117!

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