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Unmanned Halo Vehicles

Story by CommanderTony
May 23rd, 2009


Yeah, the title was just to draw you into read this, and it (might have) worked well!


News-Warthog RC Toy.jpg

While searching for information on Unnamed Combat Aerial Vehicles used by the United States Armed Forces, I ran across a few things that were very interesting...though extremely odd.

Check Out the new Halo RC vehicles

There are Warthog and Mongoose RC toys at around $25 USD, and a Hornet for about $40 USD. Though are only avaliable for pre-order at the moment.

I don't know about you...though I feel like buying a whole bunch of these things (disposable income FTW) and creating UNSC vs. Green Plastic Army battles in the beautiful and ferocious battleground of my backyard. Though personally, I think that they should have gone with a Xbox 360 looking controller.


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