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Friday's Random Stuff Update for 6/19

Story by CommanderTony
June 19th, 2009


What happened around the community from Wednesday to Friday!


  • Chronicles of ODS Steve: Backup (#29) | Hawty McBloggy - ODS Steve. The man. The legend. The hero that knows no fear. Join him and Delta Squad for their comical adventures as they valiantly attempt to drop into enemy territory to take the fight straight to the Covenant.
  • Master Chief Really Is a Supersoldier | Hawty McBloggy - Between the muscular enhancement injections and the sheer strength needed meet the demands of the heavy suit, I would say that graphic-muscle’s rather ripped version of our favorite Spartan is probably more than a little accurate.
  • Adam Talks with Halo Writer Eric Nylund | 405th.com - Adam Grumbo interviews Eric Nylund, a New York Times Bestselling author. Halo fans will recognize Nylund by his body of work: Fall of Reach, Ghosts of Onyx, First Strike, and other amazing novels. Learn about his success, his work with Microsoft & Bungie, and his plans for the future.
  • Halo 3: ODST Pistol Created by LeeKegan | 405th.com - It hasn’t been a month since the E3 conference that revealed the details of Halo 3: ODST and already, master woodworker LeeKegan has cranked out a scratch build of the ODST’s pistol of choice, the M6C Socom. Fitted with smart-linked scope and laser pointer, the pistol has already been molded, cast and is ready for action.


Unfortunately, we've got no new Parodies of Halopedia users this week. I'm sure a million more will sprout up though XD.

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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