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Helljumper Five revealed

Story by CommanderTony
August 17th, 2009


The final issue announced!


Helljumper Five.jpg

"Dutch and Romeo have gotten themselves into some pretty crazy situations, but stealing a Covenant ship would definitely get a medal for Most Insane Thing Done In the Line of Duty. If they survive this, they'll still have plenty of questions to answer: what the heck are the Covenant doing here on Planet Ariel, an otherwise harmless colony? And why are they acting so strange-taking the humans hostage instead of glassing the planet, which is their M.O.? Whatever's lurking deep underneath the surface, if the Covenant wants it that bad, it has to be big... and deadly. DON'T MISS THE GRIPPING CONCLUSION TO THIS HEART-STOPPING STORY!"
— Official Marvel Summary

Nothing special, but i'd figure that a lot of you are interested in the Helljumper series, so I made this a dedicated news article! But to be honest, I hate knowing about issues that we won't have for another few months. I like to be surprised XD.

Anyways, I have to say that Eric Nguyen is doing a fantastic job with the cover art for all of the issues.

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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