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Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
Eos'Mak-pattern plasma pistol in Halo 3 from
Official designation: Type-25 DEP
Length o/a: 34.3 cm (13.5 in.)
Weight: 3.5 kg (7.75 lbs)
1Cartridge: unknown[1]
Max. effective range: 50 meters (155 ft)
Muzzle velocity: 108 m/s (354 f/s)
Battery capacity: 200 shots
Rate of fire: semi-automatic only
Unit Replacement cost: N/A


The Type-25 DEP is a battery-powered directed energy weapon capable of semi- automatic fire. The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation.


The Type-25 DEP is the standard infantry weapon of the Covenant armed forces. This small directed energy weapon has a core power output of 100~150 Kv@2~3 dA in its standard firing mode. Over-charge power output is as high as 1.5 Mv @ 2~3 dA. Over-charging the weapon dramatically reduces the lifespan of the weapon’s battery.


“[The Type-25 DEP] is the bread and butter of Covenant small arms—almost as common as the MA5 is with the UNSC. After the Covenant Carrier jumped there were some areas of Mombasa where plasma pistols covered the ground like leaves—that maneuver killed a bunch of dudes on both sides.”

“The trigger is soft—no feedback—there’s no break that tells you when the overcharge is gonna kick in. First time I did it was on accident and it damn near sprained my wrist.”

“It’s a damned ray gun—how come we don’t have ray guns?”

“It’s great in built-up areas and clearing buildings. Anything over a couple dozen meters though? Not so much.”

“How the foxtrot does it track anything? Whatever—I guess that’s why I carry an em eh five instead of a TACPAD.”

“It’s just the right size and it feels good in your hands, but give me an em seven or an em eh five any day of the week.”

1Pending treaty negotiations with the Sangheili.
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