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Type-51 Carbine
Vostu-pattern carbine in Halo 3 from
Official designation: Type-51 Carbine
Length o/a: 122.8cm (48.3 in.)
Length (barrel): 58.67 cm (23.1 in.)
Weight (empty): 7 kg (15.5 lbs)
Weight (loaded): 8.8 kg (19.5 lbs)
Cartridge: 8mm x 60 caseless (composition unknown)1
Max. effective range: 600 meters (1968 ft)
Muzzle velocity: 700 m/s (2296 f/s)
Magazine capacity: 18 rounds
Rate of fire: semi-automatic only
Unit Replacement cost: N/A


This weapon appears to be recoil-operated, semi-automatic, and charger-fed. It fires 8mm caseless projectiles. The projectile is powered along its entire flight path, consuming up to 50% of its total mass by the time it reaches its maximum effective range.


To the casual observer the Type-51 Carbine may seem like an oddity within the Covenant arsenal, but its seeming incongruity is superficial. The Covenant has several other solid projectile weapons and many weapons that appear to be direct analogs of UNSC armaments. Whether separated by vast oceans or the enormous gulfs of interstellar space the basic tools required to compete within the ultra-refined arena of armed conflict are invariably going to resemble one another in either form or function—if not both.


“So—it’s just their projectile weapons that we’ve figured out how to reload? I guess I’m cool with that.”

“It’s almost a direct analog of the bee are fifty-five. I just wish it had a more—um—conventional scope.”

“In my youth I used to board Olympus a couple o’ times a year—you see where I’m going with this? Yeah. That foxtrot gun is the size of my old board.”

“Oh man! You really need to learn to recognize the symbols on top of the charger—and count your shots, too. First time I picked one up I just about brained myself when it ejected.”

“Wish it was smaller; wish it had a proper stock—or at least a butt pad.”

"Hey—don’t inhale immediately after the charger ejects. I heard that ____ will give you Boren’s Syndrome.”2

1Pending treaty negotiations with the Sangheili.

2There are no conclusive tests that indicate that the Type-51 Carbine puts a user at risk for contracting Boren’s Syndrome.

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