List of REQ cards/Emblems

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Image Name Rarity
REQ Card - Knot.png Knot Common
REQ Card - Links.png Links Common
REQ Emblem Elementary.png Elementary Common
H5G-Emblem-AtrialFlight.png Atrial Flight Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-BR55.png BR 55 Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-Boomco.png Boomco. Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-Chamomile.png Chamomile Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-Number12.png Number Twelve Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-Snake.png Snake Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-KeeperOfTheDomain.png Keeper of the Domain Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-KigYar.png Kig-Yar Uncommon
H5G-Emblem-Unggoy.png Unggoy Uncommon
REQ Emblem Merry Berry.png Merry Berry Rare
REQ Card - Traitor.png Traitor Rare
H5G-Emblem-CrossedSwords.png Crossed Swords Rare
REG enblem.png Danger! Explosion Ultra-Rare
H5G-Emblem-ForgeMonitor.png Forge Monitor Ultra-Rare
H5G-Emblem-Brute.png Brute Legendary
REQ Card - Misriah Armory.png Misriah Armory Legendary