Kemu-pattern Wraith/Gameplay

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  • As with Halo 4, the T-58 Wraith has its turret usually manned by an Elite.
    • In addition, the T-58 Wraith can perform a super glide with the melee button (default: RB) to easily avoid obstacles.
  • Like with the previous T-26 Wraith, the T-58 Wraith is the weakest at its rear. Two direct hits to the rear with an Incineration Cannon charged shot will destroy it.
  • The Wraith's plasma mortar can instantly kill a campaign playable character and make them unrevivable until their next respawn.
    • However, the Ultra Wraith's plasma mortar is incapable of doing so.
  • The Wraith's plasma mortar is extremely effective against Hunters and Prometheans, even the Warden Eternal.
    • It is also effective against Pnap-pattern Goblins, although players in Wraiths should be more careful due to the Goblins' powerful anti-vehicle attacks.
  • Warzone and Arena feature four upgraded variants of the Wraith:
    • Sword Wraith: an improved Wraith with better armor. It is also featured in the eighth campaign mission Swords of Sanghelios.
    • Ultra Wraith: a superior Wraith with heavy armor and an upgraded plasma mortar that leaves behind explosive submunitions similarly to the Incineration Cannon from Halo 4, but the shots are capable of pulling themselves towards the target and do not ricochet. It also appears in the campaign mission Genesis.
      • The Ultra Wraith is especially useful against the three Warden Eternal bosses in the mission.
    • Temple Wraith: a masterwork Wraith with the same armor as the Ultra Wraith but with improved handling, faster speed, longer boost drive duration, and a faster firing rate for the plasma mortar.
      • Each upgraded variant of the Wraith can be used for more aggressive engagements.