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May 31, 2024

  • curprev 12:5012:50, May 31, 2024Dr Mutran talk contribs 1,432 bytes +1,432 Created page with "{{Status|Gameplay}} {{New content|Halo Infinite}} {{Disambig header|the ''Halo Infinite'' map|the ''Halo Infinite'' event known as "Interference"|Interference}} {{Multiplayer map infobox |name=Interference |pagegamelabel=HI |image= |game= |devname= |map= |location= |date= |playernumber=8 |gametypes=*Slayer{{Ref/Reuse|HWInter}} *King of the Hill{{Ref/Reuse|HWInter}} *Strongholds{{Ref/Reuse|HWInter}} |terrain=Human structures |symmetry=Asymmetrical }}..."