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The conduit, extending from the edge of High Charity to the Forerunner Dreadnought.

The conduit[1] was a power conduit used within the Covenant holy city of High Charity. It served the purpose of transporting energy from the engines of the Forerunner Dreadnought to the rest of the city.[1]


The conduit was located between the Forerunner Dreadnoughtin the center of the city and one of the towers on the city's edge. The conduit consisted of a beam of green energy projected from a station located in one of the towers. The conduit used anti-gravity technology in order to keep itself above the city with few supports. The conduit beam was surrounded by a series of evenly spaced support rings. The final support ring closest to the Dreadnought was significantly larger than the others and had eight petal-like fins which were folded in when the conduit was active, but would open when the beam retracted. The support rings were apparently held in place by the conduit itself, as they would fall down once the beam was deactivated.[1]

Individuals could additionally use the conduit as a form of transport; upon accessing the conduit, they would be propelled to the beam's endpoint at extremely high speeds. The only known instance of the conduit's being used for transportation was to allow John-117 to enter the Forerunner Dreadnoughtat the conclusion of the Fall of High Charity. While Cortana managed to delay the Dreadnought's launch for a limited time, John-117 barely made it into the ship as the conduit closed.[1]


In the final section of the level High Charity in Halo 2, there is a glitch allowing the player to reach the conduit without having to fight their way to the other side of the platform.


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