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This subpage provides guidance on articles covering the subject of "vehicle". Articles on vehicles should strive to maintain consistency where possible.


At the start of the article, the Vehicle infobox should be added along with relevant fields filled in. The introductory paragraph should include the vehicle's title as well as its formal designation (if available). It should also provide information on the manufacturer as well as its combat roles. It is not necessary to list out events it participated in.

For canon content

The following is a list of relevant sections focusing on canon content:

== Specifications ==
=== Design details ===
=== Developmental history ===
=== Operational history ===
== Variants ==

Please note that this order is not definite: sometimes, editors might find it appropriate to move sections around to ensure effective presentation. For example, an article might not have sufficient information on "specifications" would be better presented with a "design details" section after the introduction. Similarly, sometimes editors might find it appropriate to combine information on "developmental history" and "specifications". Where there is sufficient information, use the appropriate sections.

Sourcing is important for canon content. It is therefore crucial that editors ensure that every information is correctly sourced. Where there is a potential conflict of sources, do address it in the talk page of the article.

For non-canon content

The following is a list of relevant sections focusing on non-canon content:

== Gameplay ==
=== Advantages ===
=== Disadvantages ===
=== Changes ===

Most of these sections are self-explanatory. Sourcing for these sections are preferred but not compulsory.

It is important to note that for "Changes" section, it should list out a list of gameplay changes and not graphical/cosmetic changes. If there has been a major departure of aesthetics/cosmetics, that should be addressed under the "Trivia" section or "Production notes" (if there is a substantial amount of information on the vehicle's design).


The focus of a vehicle article should be primarily on canon content. For gameplay-focused content, editors might find it necessary to include a linkbox on "Gameplay" under the "Trivia" section. This will provide a link to the "/Gameplay" subpage.