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Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta/Errors

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This is a list of Halo: Reach Beta errors and fixes.

Downloading problems[edit]

The massive amount of gamers that downloaded the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta via Halo 3: ODST at 10:00 AM PDT and at later times was reported by Bungie to have overwhelmed the servers and download times.[1][2]

  • Result: Greatly prolonged Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta download times via Halo 3: ODST
  • Solution: None. Bungie suggested that players avoid restarting the download or rebooting the beta.

Player Loadouts[edit]

There was one common problem with players in Invasion, due to massive lag, the screen will turn black and the Elites will have the main common Spartan loadout: Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle. Armor Ability: Sprint. Grenade Type: Fragmentation grenades.[3]

  • Result:
  • Solution: Unknown

Armor lag[edit]

In the Reach beta, severe lag caused the armor permutations of corpses (and much more rarely, living bodies) to change.[4] In several cases, this revealed unfinished, unreleased, and even Campaign-exclusive armor to the public. Numerous screenshots were taken and have been presented below.

  • Result:
  • Solution: Unknown

Glitched Waypoints[edit]

The glitch in Stockpile.

In objective-based gametypes, waypoints over items would sometimes glitch for unknown reasons.[4] Such waypoints' "labels" were filled with random icons. Judging by the number of screenshots, the glitch was most common in Stockpile, with Capture the Flag being a close second. There are only a handful of screenshots depicting the glitch occurring in Invasion.

  • Result:
  • Solution: Unknown


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