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Halo: Initiation and Escalation

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Halo: Initiation and Escalation
Halo: Initiation and Escalation cover art


Cover artist(s):

Kenneth Scott


  • Marco Castiello
  • Sergio Ariño
  • Richardo Sánchez
  • Douglas Franchin


Dark Horse Books[1]

Publication date:

December 6, 2022[2]

Media type:

Print (Softcover)


656 pages[1]




Halo: Initiation and Escalation is a compilation of two Halo comic book series produced by Dark Horse Comics released on December 6, 2022. This single-volume compendium collects the three-issue mini-series Halo: Initiation and the entire twenty-four issue run of Halo: Escalation.[1] Prior to this collection, Dark Horse had packaged the Initiation and Escalation series together in both the Halo Library Edition and the Halo Omnibus, two separate editions that both divided their contents into two individual volumes.

Official summary[edit]

In the dark years following the war with the Covenant, the Spartans of UNSC Infinity represent humanity’s best hope against a growing tide of enemies that imperil all they have tirelessly worked to recover. Led by Commander Palmer, these super-soldiers are unparalleled warriors, but it will take more than raw combat skill and dogged bravery to keep humankind safe from the danger that approaches on all sides.

From the rise of Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer aboard the flagship Infinity to the UNSC’s extraordinary efforts to stop the machinations of Jul 'Mdama and the Covenant, this stunning collection contains Halo: Initiation #1–3 and Halo: Escalation #1–24 and features scripts crafted by writers on Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. A must have for any fan of Halo![2]



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