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Glow-of-Old-Suns was a Path Kethona Forerunner female living on an unidentified planet in the Large Magellanic Cloud, known to the Forerunners as Path Kethona.[1]


Glow-of-Old-Suns was the leader of a small village of primitive Forerunners, being one of the oldest in the settlement. Around 950 years before the activation of the Halo Array, Glow-of-Old-Suns was met by the Librarian while on her expedition to find the origins of the Flood.[1] Unable to communicate with the Lifeshaper, Glow bit the Librarian on the forearm. The bite released specialized microbes, allowing the two to communicate.[1] Later, Glow brought the Librarian to a valley on the planet, where the local Forerunner community had instructed a type of intelligent moss to record their entire history.[2]

Assuming she was still alive by 97,445 BCE, she would have been killed along with the rest of her race by Omega Halo's directed pulse toward the satellite galaxy that wiped out all of its sentient life when Master Builder Faber fired it during the last days of the Forerunner-Flood war.[3]

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