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Gábor Zsolt
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"I always thought ONI and the government were fishy as hell, man! But to cover up this much info, about the Master Chief in incognito, whatever they're keeping about him from us has gotta be big! I mean, how many people have they blackmailed, blamed, or even plain out killed to just cover their trail, a mercy that they were taking to keep Thomas quiet when you were interviewing him? It's through his family?"
— Zsolt's audio email to Giraud, sent 2558.[1]

Gábor Zsolt was a human who listened to Benjamin Giraud's Hunt the Truth audio journal in 2558. After Giraud's entries revealed a massive coverup by ONI about Master Chief's backstory, Zsolt mailed Giraud an audio email expressing excitement about the conspiracy. He expected there to be tons of murder and bribes behind the scenes to keep something of this scale hidden.[2]

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