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Hey all,

As of October 17th, our proposal to move to our new domain, here, has passed! Our content has been imported from wikia halopedia to The process was by no means a quick one, but has made everything easier.


Do I need to create a new account?

If you already had an account on wikia Halopedia, you do not need to register again. Simply login with your original account and password, and your account data (ie. preferences) will be imported here.

What has been imported?

Wiki content, which defines pretty much everything in the namespace area: Articles, mediawiki namespaces, talk pages, etc. You may notice that there are still some missing pages; we've addressed that and are currently working to have the missing parts imported soon, so please bear with us!

User accounts have also by extension been imported. To activate your account to be fully functional, simply login for the first time here and that's that. This also imports your account preferences from wikia (ie. skins, formats, etc).

Unfortunately, social profile info has not been imported due to the code being unavailable and wikia deleting them from their database. This includes personal info and avatars. You will have to re-add these manually, but the fortunate side to the social profile's nature is that this doesn't usually take too long to do. Additionally, userpages will also have to be imported manually from wikia. Fortunately, this can be done in a few seconds with copy-paste from your wikia userpages. Some users may have issues with their UserWiki when they save them here; not a serious issue. This is due to a bug in the wiki DPL, which causes certain tags to be inoperable. We're aware of the issue and working to get it fixed as soon as possible. If anybody has any such problems due to this, please let me know so it may be addressed.

Other than that, everybody is able to continue their routine editing here. We're striving to have this site fully operational as before by January 2011. Help us make this possible!

What about the wiki skin?

At the moment, we have Monobook as the default skin and Vector as an option for users. We will soon have Monaco enabled as the default skin while allowing users to opt for Monobook or Vector as well. There is also the possibility of us working on adding additional skins in the future, though no promises for now.

Do I still have my User rights?

Due to their nature, user rights cannot be imported automatically from wikia Halopedia. Anybody who currently holds any form of right (for example, Rollback rights) on wikia Halopedia can re-request their rights Forum:Moving in/rights.

I've found a bug/error, where do I report it?

We've made the importing process as smooth as possible, but obviously, we can't exclude the possibility that anyone might run into a bug or wiki-related issue, as bugs of such are unprevantable.

If you happen to run into a bug, please report it here. Porplemontage and Jack Phoenix are the wiki's developers, and you may also contact them on their talk pages if you need any fast technical-wise assistance.


Anything not covered above? Have any concerns or general questions? Feel free to ask or post relevant discussion here.


First off I'd like to thank the community as a whole for their support to the proposal. The feedback we received, positive or negative has been a great asset in our research to making this move as convenient as possible.
I'd also like to thank Porplemontage for allowing us to import our content and use his domain as well as the installation of several features that benefited the move and Jack Phoenix for supplying the code for those installations. As of course, without any of them, the move would not have been possible.

Now as we get settled in our new domain, we hope that our new site will quickly rise to the top. For that, we need you, the community, to help us strive to that. Our new system allows us to support each other as editors, admins or veterans alike. Any permanent changes to the wiki technical wise, including to the interface will be handled by the administration and the developers, in accordance to the community input. We encourage anybody who has a suggestion/opinion/issue to voice it to us. As it is, this is also a good time to do so as we finish implementing everything here. This is your community; help us improve it!