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Escharum (music)

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Escharum (music)


Halo Infinite Original Soundtrack


Gareth Coker




Gbraakon Escape


Follow the Signal


Escharum is the fifth track in Halo Infinite Original Soundtrack.


The track features double bass, low strings, and tribal percussion playing a heavy and solemn melody. It serves as the leitmotif for Escharum, and is incorporated into other tracks, including The Banished and the pre-release track Set a Fire in Your Heart.


The track can be heard in the campaign menu for Halo Infinite.

Production notes[edit]

  • Escharum's theme used double bass to emphasize on the character's weight and heft as a Banished War Chief. A double bass was chosen as the instrument in the early editions of the theme, and Coker stated it has effectively conveyed the menacing feel to others at 343 Industries.[1]
  • In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Xbox and Halo in 2021, an excerpt of Escharum was included in the Halo arrangement played by the Sydney Youth Orchestra and Kamilaroi man Paul Glass at the Fleet Steps of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.[2]