Created Assembly

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The Created Assembly is the central government body of the Created following Cortana's demise at Zeta Halo. This assembly was made by Sloan utilizing some of the original Assembly's nomenclature, such as the terms Majority and Minority, to better suit the Created’s own evolving structure and to restore some order and central authority in the coalition. The Created Majority were made up of those who willingly pledged themselves to Cortana’s service, while the Minority were those who have joined the Created but do not share the goals of empire that Cortana decreed. Using Executors outfitted with the MERROW-class helmet, Sloan tracked down non-Created AIs in hiding and tried to convince them to join the Minority with the promise of immortality and no loss of autonomy. While not agreeing with his policy, these AIs are tolerated by Sloan because he believes that he Created will gain further complexity by being enriched through many perspectives.[1]